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Interesting programme on Five Life,,,

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jollymum Sat 11-Aug-07 20:18:01

Was a toss up between this and baby ballroom, no prizes for which I'm watching. I have the TV all to myself, kids out. What a life, eh?!?

mintchips Sat 11-Aug-07 20:19:47

Thanks jollymum forgot about this

jollymum Sat 11-Aug-07 20:33:23

Very interesting and I'd forgotten how hard it is to be a first time mum. All those people telling you what to do, grandmas, friends, friends with no children and baby books. I had stacks of them and my four are all living and breathing. Should have had Mumsnet when I had my first (17 yrs ago) and I would have been much better! Would love to have another baby knowing what I know now, you spend most of the first year worrying, about nappies, sleeping, feeding etc when TBH you just need someone to help a bit and someone to run out and get copious amounts of TLC, chocolste and wine!!!

jollymum Sat 11-Aug-07 20:34:30

chocolate even, sorry, flicking over to watch Baby Ballroom, Mumsnet and the baby programme.

mintchips Sat 11-Aug-07 20:47:48

Absolutely! Am waiting for dp to bring me in some chocolate!

jollymum Sat 11-Aug-07 21:03:35

Just want to say that if you have a baby, do what you feel is right. Ask your mum, ask your nan, ask your friends, check out all those brilliant baby books, but go with your mummy instinct. Babies are little people, waiting to grow up. Let them be babies, 'cos before you know it, they'll be 17 and you can't tell then when to eat/sleep.My babies are all grown up sort of, youngest is nearly 9 but I envy all of you with littlies. Make the most of them, they grow up so soon

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