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DS nosediving into furniture

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wulfricsmummy Sat 11-Aug-07 17:01:06

Message withdrawn

saffymum Sat 11-Aug-07 17:08:11

Don't worry about it, thats normal, my ds tries to fly off the sofa like superman and walks on the edge of the bath like a gymnast. Covered in bruises and had a few raised eyebrows at the nursery until he bumped his head there and they saw how quickly he bruises.

Seriously, one thing I found was that his uncoordinated phase was around the time he had ear infections so his balance was off. Look out for that but otherwise he sounds normal.

wulfricsmummy Sat 11-Aug-07 17:27:48

Message withdrawn

saffymum Sat 11-Aug-07 17:40:30

The poor thing, we had one burst eardrum and it was horrendous. (spelling!) screaming and pus...My ds is 3 yrs and was being labelled as disruptive at nursery and wouldn't participate in anything and was totally all over the place. I took him to an ear nose and throat specialist and he had about 20-30% decibels reduced hearing because of the ear infections and so we had grommetts put in to drain the fluid and to ensure that it continues to drain whilst the ear canal is short so that there isn't the continued build up of fluid that can then get infected and stops the eardrum from vibrating. Continuous bursting of the eardrum can damage their hearing.

If you don't mind me being quite forward I would suggest you speak to your gp about this but you might have just as much trouble as I did as they kept saying its a 'natural childhood problem have some antibiotics (or not until it gets WORSE!!) blah blah because they don't want to pay for anything anymore.

I had to take my son abroad to see the ENT surgeon and the improvements in his hearing, balance and general mood was almost instantaneous after the operation and I mean hours. The issue I had to weigh up was that with the blocked ear he wasn't hearing well and wasn't able to participate in class and it was probably going to make it worse for him in time starting school as there were already appreared to be problems with behavior and the poor thing only heard things that were getting shouted at him (usually the bad stuff) so he was really miserable.)

Wulfricsmummy sorry if I've been rambling on or making out like I am an expert but just felt I had to share the story with you. Funny to go online and see your post here and find this common thread. Hope I have helped in some way.

wulfricsmummy Sat 11-Aug-07 17:58:45

Message withdrawn

saffymum Sat 11-Aug-07 18:19:26

Well I'm pleased to hear that you are on the case and have already had success in getting to an ENT, good luck and hope your little one grows our of it quickly or that you have all the options available to you if you do decide to take it further. I don't regret this op one bit and had his tonsils taken out at the same time so he's been less ill since then too which is a bonus. All the best.

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