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mammabelleboo Sat 11-Aug-07 00:21:12

We have the most gorgeous golden retriever who is the most loving, gentle and soppy dog you could ever wish to meet and I love her dearly. Before I had my daughter, she was my baby. I adore her but as you will appreciate with a little one, don't have the time for her that I once had. I do try and give her as much attention as possible - much to the disgust of my 22 mo! As soon as she sees me cuddle the dog, she shouts "No Mummy" gives the dog evil looks and is obviously very put out that I'm showing affection to anyone else but her - God knows what she'd be like if I had another baby! She sometimes scratches out at the dog too, which really upsets me. Basically, i thought babies were supposed to adore animals - she will kiss and cuddle her when prompted, but never seems to be that pleased to see her much of the time. Maybe the relationship will develop as she gets older, I hope so as I love my dog to bits & I want my daughter to love her too! I sometimes wonder if her indifference to the dog is a result of my not having much time for her? Anyone else experienced this with pets?

ladymac Sat 11-Aug-07 00:31:06

Can't help as dd3 only 4 months, dog is a 2 yr old,

Just feel guilty that shes not getting as much attention since the birth. She is very protective of the baby though.

Sorry not more help, just didn't want post to go unanswered.

hunkermunker Sat 11-Aug-07 00:33:03

She's 22mo.

Are you perhaps showing the dog a bit too much affection to overcompensate for feeling guilty?

mammabelleboo Sat 11-Aug-07 01:06:28

Hmmm...don't feel I am hunkermunker - am really just throwing the dog the odd cuddle here and there throughout the day when i have the time! If anything, i feel the dog is getting a bit of a raw deal!!...But I have other priorities now and that's the way it is, poor dog!!. know how you feel, ladymac, feel SOOOOOO guilty about the dog's lack of attention - I just hope she understands that I love her to bits still, despite not having the time for her I had before! I'm sure things will improve for both my dd and the dog when dd is a bit older. Hopefully, they will be great playmates!

bobblehead Sat 11-Aug-07 04:27:35

We have 2 cats (neither of which get much attention). Dd1 is 2.2 and absolutlely adores one of them, followers her around, hugs her and loves her to bits. The other one she's not fussed about at all. In fact gets upset if he lies too close to her when she's playing, won't let him on her bed. Have no idea why. She doesn't dislike him its just odd considering how much she loves the other cat. I think its just toddlers are odd and in another few months she will probably tell you why!

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