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5 (almost 6) y/o behaviour

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Minesalargeginplease Fri 20-Sep-19 18:31:36

My daughter has just started year 1 and her behaviour is declining. She's never been a great listener and I find myself saying her name over and over again to make her listen to even the simplest thing. The other day she squeezed the dog so hard he snapped at her (we've had the dog a year so she should know not to do that now). Everything is 100 miles an hour and either the best thing or the worst with no in between! I've tried taking toys away, reward charts, time out, shouting, stopping treats and explaining why to her at no avail. Example, she was spinning in the room by the fire place and I asked her to stop (several times) when I shouted she stopped and then I explained why she shouldn't do it (falling in to the fireplace). Give it 10 mins and she's off again. I don't know if this is "normal" or have I created a monster? My husband can not cope with the ignorance and has no patience, leaving me to try resolve all situations. What else can I try?? Thank you x

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user1495827045 Wed 02-Oct-19 14:35:38

No advice from Me....However just to say I totally feel your pain !! We have the same from our son, who also thinks it is ok to ignore us when we are trying to chat to him as an added extra and has an attitude like a teenager.I am told it is usual 5/6 year old behaviour but oh my word it is frustrating and like you I feel I have done something wrong and created a monster....only got a younger one so not sure if it does get better but I have been told it does so we shall see....good luck ! X

AladdinMum Wed 02-Oct-19 15:08:21

is spinning something she does a lot? and if so, why does she do it? is it for fun or a form of stimulation?

Minesalargeginplease Wed 02-Oct-19 19:13:49

Not really, it's her 'dancing'. She does it when she is giddy x

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Kokapetl Sat 05-Oct-19 12:50:41

Sounds pretty normal, especially if they are having to sit still and indoors a lot at school. Self- control is still hard at that age although because they seem so much past toddler years it feel s like it shouldn't be, iyswim.

The thing I found helps the most is getting them to run around outside for as long as possible. May not be easy if you haven't got a garden or a nearby park. The other thing that helps a bit is focussed one-to-one time doing something they (and ideally both of you) like. Also not easy, especially if there are younger siblings.

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