DS doesn’t seem to have any friends

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Catbell82 Fri 20-Sep-19 11:28:43

I’m really worried about my DS. He’s 8. He started primary school seeming to be quite popular with lots of friends but recently he hardly ever gets invited to parties, even for kids that he supposedly plays with and play dates are rarely reciprocated. Although he was never invited for many play dates anyway. Ive watched him in the playground before school starts & he looks like an outsider trying to join in with the other boys but the other boys seem oblivious to him. He can be a bit bossy sometimes but so can some of the other kids. He also had a falling out with a boy in his class in year 3 but they’ve made up since. He comes home saying he’s had a good day, and tells me he played with lots of people but I wonder how true that is & if these kids are really playing with him or if he’s more likely trying to join in but not really being included. It worries me that the other kids might not really like him and it’s upsetting to see how disappointed he is when he doesn’t get invited to parties. I really don’t know what I can do about it though or if I’m worrying over nothing.

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