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1StrugglingMum Tue 17-Sep-19 17:20:51

Hi Dear Friends. I have a nearly 6 year old boy who has just started in year 1. He is naughty and doesn’t listen to the teachers, today we were told that he has been pushing other kids and throwing toys after them, so he was sat in the other room for some time. I’m really struggling here because I do discipline him as much as I can, he doesn’t watch TV at all on weekdays and no sugar is given either. We give him time out when he is being unreasonable or sit him on the step, and tell him what he has done wrong... but it all seems to go lost. I really don’t know what more to do. I’m open to any suggestions, I’m finding it harder now because I also have another child 6 month old who I need to look after. The teachers seem to be frustrated too and irritated that he doesn’t listen... I can understand them but I also don’t know how to go about with the whole situation, and how to handle him as such. I have had relatives mention that he might have ADHD or High Needs... but it all breaks my heart to put a label on him. He is a very loving and caring boy too. Always helpful. Please help me with suggestions or ideas. I’m very frustrated and tired 😔 Also he is being sent to intervention classes. Is that bad or negative? I do homework with him but he gets so easily distracted. Sorry for the long post. Please help a sister out. xx

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Lara53 Wed 18-Sep-19 14:40:55

Why would you not want your child assessed - doesn’t mean that a ‘label’ will be misused - a ‘label’ can be used as a signpost to ensure your child gets access to any help and support services he needs in order to help him make progress.

1StrugglingMum Fri 20-Sep-19 02:03:57

Hi Lara53. You are probably right, maybe I should comsider it. He is and gets very distracted. Im only hesitant with the assesment as ive heard a lot of stories. And that one label can follow you for the rest of your life. My schooling has been abroad you see and I dont really know how the system works here. Thanks for your reply and time. X

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