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Desperately need advice

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Toffeecoffeee Mon 16-Sep-19 19:57:47

I’m starting to get really worried about some of my 7 month olds behaviour.

Recently during a conversation someone mentioned to me that some of his behaviour could be early signs of ASD and now I am completely obsessed watching my baby and questioning everything he does.

Some of the behaviours are
- hardly sleeps/ naps
- flapping his arms
- doesn’t respond to his name
- doesn’t seem to be able to switch off eg when nearly asleep he will wake himself by stroking the sides of his cot
- has regressed with weaning (shakes when food is put to his mouth)
- punches his stomach repeatedly when he is being changed
- screams at loud noises eg hoover/ cutlery clanging together

I wish I had never had this conversation as I’ve now fallen down a rabbit hole of googling everything and I’ve worried myself sick.

I guess I’m wondering are these behaviours normal/ advice on how to just move on from that conversation and enjoy my baby again.

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Gertruude Mon 16-Sep-19 22:49:41

I really wouldn't worry about this stuff OP. It's too easy to fall down that rabbit hole but it's too early to tell anything so just relax and enjoy your baby

Mummy0ftwo12 Mon 16-Sep-19 22:50:04

He's 7 months! that's just to young imho to be thinking about autism.
(which was a real concern for me at age 2-3 with my DS)

Perhaps speak to your GP for reassurance?

Harrysmummy246 Thu 19-Sep-19 16:21:23

I still don't worry about DS flapping his arms and running round saying ahahahahaha he's 2.2. Oh and my dad sneezing or blowing his nose still upsets him occasionally.

But everything else seems pretty normal.

At 7mo, a child doesn't know they're 'punching themselves' they might just have discovered that they can feel it as they do it with their hand and their tummy.

8-10 mo sleep regression (to be honest we had crap sleep from birth til just before DS was 2) and he still struggles with dropping off to sleep at 2.2 (but then I do at 37yo)

surreygirl1987 Thu 19-Sep-19 20:42:48

Okay, health anxiety is a real thing. I've been there. He had some minor health issues when he was born and I really struggled... and as a result I've been convinced that my son had cranial, autism, adhd and downs syndrome. As far as I know he actually has none of those things. So please stop researching autism and start researching postnatal anxiety.

To reassure you, my son (not 11 months old) did/ does ALL of those things, apart from the stomach punching thing (but does other stuff like bangs his head on objects).

Also, in my own frantic googling, I have come to realise that normal baby behaviour mirrors later autistic behaviour. That's why you can't tell with a baby this young if they're autistic- the symptons of autism (whichbdojt forget very widely anyway) are actually normal things for a baby to be doing. Hand flapping for instance! So I've given up worrying because there's no point - every time my son doesn't something weird I remind myself that all babies do weird stuff and it would be impossible to tell if he's autistic at this age anyway. As long as he's not drastically behind on a number of milestones I wouldn't worry about a thing.

Ps - I know that's easy to say and less easy to hear. I was really angry when I was told 'forget it and just enjoy your baby'. But it's true as well.

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