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Jarw Mon 16-Sep-19 16:02:41

Can someone please tell me how do I stop my 20 month old pinching, slapping and doing roly poly's of the bed and sofa. It's driving me crazy. I must tell him off 50 times a day over and over for the same 3 things, its now resorted to me literally shouting at him to stop because it's the only way he'll stop and listen (and no there is nothing wrong with his hearing). I say no no calmly, he just continues.

I don't want him to fall off the bed or sofa and hurt himself as we have wooden floors. He continually pinches and hits not only his father and me but other children at play groups and we honestly don't know where he has picked up that behaviour from. He's not trying to be aggressive may I add just playing (slapping like if my arms or legs were drums).

Today it's literally just me continously telling him to stop pinching my arms and hands and telling him off for doing roly polys. help!

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Notodontidae Mon 16-Sep-19 17:39:23

There must be consequencies, telling him off doesn't amount to a hill of beans, in the same way asking him to say sorry. Take something away he likes, give him time out if he's having fun, tell him it hurts mummy.
Dont be afraid to smack if he carries on. You must always follow through with what you have said will be the consequencies. Of he does roly polys on the bed he sits on the naughty step for 2 mins max, and you discuss his behaviour.

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