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Play dates too difficult!

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BelleBoyd Fri 13-Sep-19 07:00:41

Whenever we have my 10yr olds daughters friends over for a play date it is a disaster.
Also happens when she goes to other peoples houses for play dates and often just in a playing in the park scenario.
I don’t know if this behaviour is ‘normal’ or what. She gets so over excited it’s like she’s altered. She’s rude, oppositional, pushy. She takes her clothes off, she grabs and play fights inappropriately. She throws her things around. Basically out of control. And then after these episodes when it’s just us she slumps into silence. If I tell her off she blames her friends and cries. Often she says she hates herself. I just can’t seem to find a way to control or manage her behaviour. Am thinking of stopping play dates altogether.

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pikapikachu Sun 15-Sep-19 20:42:19

It's normal to get excited- say be cocky and silly but taking her clothes off, play fighting and throwing stuff around (I'm assuming not a ball or frisbee!) is not normal imo.

Are these play dates with people her age? Do they get along at school? How are things in the playground? How long are the play dates? She might need shorter ones for practice (say 20 mins at the park after school) and slowly work up to an hour or two?

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