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7 month old constantly scratching neck

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Scratchybaby Wed 11-Sep-19 19:43:12

Just wondering if anyone has had this experience?

My son is 7 months, and for at least the past 2 he has been scratching his neck obsessively, to the point of bleeding. He has some classic issues that could explain this - some mild eczema, constant drooling and he is now on his third tooth, so there's teething pain.

I'm looking for advice because it seems no matter how well I stay on top of the eczema and drool - and he has plenty of days with great looking skin and I've got a fairly good routine of bibs, Epaderm and occasional hydrocortisone for flair ups - he just claws at his neck at any opportunity unless I'm playing with him and keeping him busy. And even then he'll sometimes stop playing to scratch before I can grab his hands.

Is there a chance this isn't itch related and it's more to do with teething pain? As I say, he scratches hard even when his skin is looking calm and healthy. I'm hoping I can find some solution or he grows out of this - I can't leave him alone for even 30 seconds without scratch sleeves and it's becoming unsustainable. I can't hover over him like this indefinitely!

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Hannah021 Wed 11-Sep-19 20:07:07

my little brother used to scratch his face, my mum used baby gloves that he couldn't take off, and he grew out of it.

Scratchybaby Wed 11-Sep-19 21:04:10

Thanks, I'm wondering if that's all I can do is wait. Been to the GP multiple times about various rashes but can't get to the bottom of this. Just worried how he's going to manage nursery in a few months! He'll be coming home bloody, or with fabric burns from the scratch sleeves at this rate!

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HalfBearOtherHalfCat Wed 11-Sep-19 21:19:42

Yes! This is my son. Always clawing at his neck, but doesn't really scratch any other body parts. Sorry to say, mine still does it sometimes at the age of 4 and I'm still not 100% sure why he does it.

What I have noticed though:

1. He scratches a lot more frequently (and more viciously) when he's feeling tired and is fighting sleep.

2. Certain things definitely do seem to set him scratching with more vigor. Fabric softeners were a big one - even most of the gentle unscented ones are a no-go for us. Sun lotions were another problem. We have found precisely one (Babyganics) which doesn't leave him ripping at his neck. Issues with various toiletries too of course. So it might be something his neck is coming into contact with which is bothering him?

Scratchybaby Wed 11-Sep-19 22:13:32

Thanks for this - agree completely with your first point. That's what I'm noticing too and wondering if he's forming a habit (though it originated from itchiness) to scratch when he's agitated or bored?

For your second point, I've yet to identify an irritant- other than drool of course! We use non bio washing powder and no fabric softener and try to keep tops loose, but bibs are unfortunately non-negotiable right now.

Interesting- though sorry to hear- this is a long term thing. I'm hoping he grows out of it but will keep an eye out for irritants

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Lucylou321 Sat 21-Sep-19 20:19:04

My 8 month old is exactly the same and has sore patches both sides but hers seems to be more where the skin is irritated in the skin rolls(?!) and she's scratched it and made it worse. Someone recommended liquid talc to me as it's meant to help prevent friction. I guess normal talcum powder could do the same as well and keep the area dry? I've tried to avoid using bibs as much as possible as the material of the bib against her neck seemed to be making it worse especially bibs that swivel round or get pulled about when they're crawling etc. I've only just started using the talc so can't comment on whether it's working or not yet!

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