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does your 2.5 year old ask questions???

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3littlepigs Thu 09-Aug-07 12:52:38

Have the HV coming round on monday as DS was quite late talking and she wants to re-assess him! NOW, haveing read up on 'what he should be like' books say that he should be asking lots of questions why!!! What i wanted to know was does you 2.5 year old ask questions???? Now i know they are all different and DS's speech is comeing along but he never asks questions so just wanted to prepare myself if he was behind his peers!

Desiderata Thu 09-Aug-07 12:55:11

Oh, 3littlepigs! I would congratulate you and not commiserate. Once they start, they honestly don't stop until they reach puberty!

Yes, my 2.5 did ask questions, but it does come later than first speech, so I really wouldn't worry.

Good luck for Monday!

Pitchounette Thu 09-Aug-07 13:14:31

Message withdrawn

MaureenMLove Thu 09-Aug-07 13:16:48

Enjoy the peace and quiet - it will come, you mark my words!

lemonaid Thu 09-Aug-07 13:21:36

DS started with "whassat" and "whassoo doin', Mummy?" at around 2.2 -- he'd get an answer, would be silent for about 30 seconds, then ask again. "Why?" he started at about 2.4, while we were on holiday.

OhNo40 Thu 09-Aug-07 13:25:43

I agree with all the others who say "just you wait".
My 3.3 year old asked me where babies came from the other day.

bubblagirl Thu 09-Aug-07 13:36:34

my ds is 2.3 and rarely says anything that you can understand i am waiting on SALT for him he kind of says and that when points at things but he is so independant he wold rather do it himself than ask anything i'm always being told not to worry he will in his own time and feel more hope ful as he has thomas lastop and it helps say letters and he tries to copy what is being said i think once he has it worked out in his own mind he'll talk just maybe when your son wants a juice ask him to copy and say juice please or whatever he wants just so he knows he has to ask maybe he doesn't need to as you know what he wants

i'm trying to do this with my son as i nknow all his little ways he doesn't need to ask me anything so now i just repeat everything if he waants juice mummy juice ect

footprints Thu 09-Aug-07 13:39:14

I worried about this too, dd didn't start with the "why"s until she was almost 3.

3littlepigs Thu 09-Aug-07 14:23:32

thanks for making me feel better, i know i am going to be wishing for peace and quiet once he has started!!!! We are happy with him they way he is as we understand him and we can see that his speech is getting better everyday but its just whether the HV agrees! I think he is just lazy as i have a habbit of asking him things rather than making him say what he wants!!!

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