Am I expecting too much?

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AladdinMum Tue 10-Sep-19 09:59:42

The average 2 year old would know some (5+) colours, shapes, body parts and count to 10 - however this really depends on their interests and their exposure to these concepts. For example, when talking if you constantly add colours and shapes to every day conversation they will pick it up faster, for example, you could asked them "would you like to play with white or red round ball?" However as you said that she gets moody when you try to play the shape/colour game it could just be that she is not interested (yet) in these concepts which is totally fine.

pikapikachu Tue 10-Sep-19 07:54:30

Your dd will spend a lot of time at school so please don't try and get her to sit down and learn like that.

As someone said you can teach her colours through natural play. "Can you pass me a blue Lego piece?" "Red pyjamas or orange pyjamas?"

letitrainonme Mon 09-Sep-19 20:50:16

Colours you can teach through every day stuff " would you like a red apple" or "Look blue car" type interactions. So that will come on naturally over the year.

Shapes is more specific my DS doesn't really know other than circle or round for wheel at 3. But if your DD is into drawing or play dough you can can do it through play too. Name cutter shapes or drawing shapes or templates. My DS loves to draw around things like his hand, but you could do it with block shapes or yogurt pots . I think any young child won't find formal learning fun, and won't sit still for it at 2. It's got to just be fun, so try not to test her or ask too many questions and then, they don't know they are learning. I think the rule of thumb is one question to four comments ! 🖐

SmartPlay Mon 09-Sep-19 20:11:03

Yes, you are. Stop pressuring her!

Ohgodbringmecoffee Mon 09-Sep-19 18:00:39

DD has just turned 2 and im trying to teach her colours and shapes and she does know her shapes, when shes in a good mood she can get most of them right, the problem is that she's so often in a bad mood and when I try play the shape/colour games she tantrums. She only seems to want to run about, scarcely sits and im so stressed out. Am i expecting too much for her to know colours and shapes or even one or the other at two?

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