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Bit shocked by what my 3 year 9 mth old said to me tonight..

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CHOCOLATEPEANUT Wed 08-Aug-07 22:41:55

Was sat on bed with her playing on laptop and she said "Why did you have an earing in yiour bellybutton?"

Its gone now (has been for about 8 years but hole is still there and she once asked about hole)

Then she said sheepishly,"did you have a boyfriend then, did you have a lot of boyfriends?"

I said no Daddy was my boyfriend then (he wasnt but thought easy to explain rather than I met dh after my wild days)

Then she said "do you love daddy?" and i said of course i do and she said cos you shout at him.

I was a bit upset,i am a bit stressed at mo (pg after a stillbirth, having house renovated..) and do nag dh a bit but dont shout

i said i tell you off if your naughty but i still love you.Of course i love daddy

cant get it out of my head especially the bit about bellybutton and lots of boyfriends

PeachesMcLean Wed 08-Aug-07 23:02:08

Sounds like you said ALL the right things. Bellybutton thing just sounds like curiosity. Lots of boyfriends? Try not to read too much into this. Does she know that boyfriends are different to friends who are boys? Maybe she's got confused herself? I doubt she thinks you might have had wild days. would she associate piercings with wild days? She probably doesn't even think you really existed until you had her... Might be just trying to get her head around the idea.

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Wed 08-Aug-07 23:06:23

I was married before and my eldest neice knows and i wonder how i will explain this to her too

thing is she does ask things/say things that i think'where did that come from?'

my dh and i are often amazed

im not sure what she knows about boyfriends but she gets giggly if anyone mentions it like my dad will say about boy next door ;i hope hes not your boyfriend in a jokey way

cba Wed 08-Aug-07 23:10:01

i wouldnt worry too much. She is just being curious and you never know if she has heard your niece talking about boyfriends. I called my dh a bloody pig the other week, in front of the children. I was really pissed off with him. But, i have never ever done anything like that in front of them before, but now, all i get is "why did you call daddy a bloody pig"

You would think i did it all the time

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Wed 08-Aug-07 23:20:28


thanks for that

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