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MMR jabs

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umchuck Wed 08-Aug-07 21:54:34


My baby is due to have her MMR in the next month. A lot of mums are talking about paying for 3 separate jabs instead of having the single MMR injection. I am thinking I am going to have the single one but its all so confusing with no sustantial evidence to back up any findings.. Does anyone have any advice on this?

Really appreciate any thoughts..

berolina Wed 08-Aug-07 21:59:54

MMR seems to be safe for the majority of children. There is evidence to suggest that it can be instrumental in triggering (NOT 'causing') autism in some vulnerable children. Risk factors are, for example, auto-immune conditions in the family or gut problems in the child. These children might be better off with single vax (or, in some cases, no vax) because with MMR the immune system has to take three 'hits' at the same time.

We reluctantly MMRed ds, and he was fine, but he will not be having the so-called booster. Current plan is to possibly test immunity to measles and, if lacking, give him single measles vax before he starts kindergarten.

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