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Change in 8yr old since returning to school

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twinkletwinklepops Sat 07-Sep-19 06:34:08

Our 8yr old DD (only child) went back to school last week after her 6 week summer break. Our summer break was a nice mix of summer camp, 2 week family holiday in Spain, a week with mummy, a week with daddy etc. so a nice balance of things/people. She was looking forward to going back to school and seeing her friends again.

Since returning to school last Wednesday all she talks about is boys and she's only playing with boys. She says lots of the boys in her class are 'into' her which I interpret as 'like' her and chase her around the playground.

Yesterday she had a play date with one of the boys who's been in her class for three years and she knows well and we know the parent well. They played at his house and played mummy's and daddy's and built a den. The parent said they played well and she was listening in. Our DD often talks about kissing and used to kiss boys at school until eventually we told her that boys don't really like that (as they clearly didn't) and before we got a complaint we told her it's for mummy and daddy only.

Previously she was part of a lovely group of 7 girls that played together and claimed they were BFFs for ever, but that seems to have disappeared even though some of the girls are still in her class. The girls continue to ask our DD for play dates but she's only wants to play with the boys!

I'm not sure what to do, should I be concerned, is it another phase, or is it innocent role playing for this age?

Appreciate your feedback/experience.

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twinkletwinklepops Tue 10-Sep-19 19:18:11

Is this message visible to anyone else? Hard to believe no one responded in 3 days???

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pikapikachu Wed 11-Sep-19 07:41:09

My dd never went through this (She's 16 and still not interested in boys ) so I'm of limited help but what kind of tv /online sites does she watch? If it's Disney Channel
sort of crap which features a lot of the sort of thing that she's taking about then I'd be banning that immediately. Do you know what she watched on YouTube etc? Has she just learned about sex by any chance?

Have you asked her directly about her new group of friends versus her old group of friends? It seems that there's no falling out if she's still invited to play?

My son was in a class with a girl who was like this and tbh the boys gave her a wide berth. They saw it as a form of harassment and considered her a pest. The school did not take it as seriously as a boy showing similar behaviour tbh. When Ds complained about being kissed against his will, the playground supervisor said that in a few years he'd be enjoying it angry

twinkletwinklepops Wed 09-Oct-19 20:02:49

Pikapikachu thanks! She has limited screen time which we monitor and it's limited to age appropriate things, but that said around this age it does start to veer in the direction of romance, boyfriends etc.

I've been monitoring it and it looks like it was a phase and things have settled down and seem to be less focussed on boys, thankfully. I'm not looking forward to that coming around again.

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