Finding my nearly 2 YO hard work

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mincymoo124 Fri 13-Sep-19 15:01:59

@AbbiKnight we're the same, I don't know what mood she's going to wake up in. This morning as a one off she was perfect- not difficult at all and she has gone to nursery this afternoon. Good to know it's not just me but I think this is only the beginning as she's not even two yet shock. X

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AbbiKnight Thu 12-Sep-19 21:22:00

I know exactly how you are feeling! My DD was 2 in June and since then she has been an absolute nightmare! I feel as if I dread waking up in the morning because I know the day is going to be horrendously hard work, I know that is an awful thing to admit but I’m really struggling with her behaviour. I really hope it doesn’t last forever! I miss my lovely well behaved little girl sad

mincymoo124 Mon 09-Sep-19 13:33:52

Thanks @CherryMaple I tried a play group when she was a bit younger where we used to live and the parents were all a bit snobby and cliquey so it put me off! I think I will have a look for a different one actually because we both have a day off from nursery and work so would be nice to do something every week and would be nice to meet others. And great idea about the cupcakes I'll definitely try it!smile

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CherryMaple Sun 08-Sep-19 03:41:39

Sorry OP - the terrible twos can be really tough. I found playgroups a lifesaver at this age because I could just sit with a cup of tea watching while DD played independently. Part of the value of playgroups is learning to share. If she snatched a toy, I would leap up and intervene and explain to her that the other child was playing with it first - then hopefully distract her with another toy or maybe a snack. If she has a meltdown, other people will sympathise.

It’s great at this age when they can do so much more. Are there things you can enjoy together - eg, basic baking or sticking decorations on shop-bought plain fairy cakes? Sticker books? Walks out in the pram to choose something from the bakers? I found it helped to be quite busy with a lot of structure to the week - eg, same playgroup every Thursday.

Sorry I’ve got no advice on the dummy - could your health visitor help?

mincymoo124 Fri 06-Sep-19 23:03:22

Dd will be 2 next month and I'm finding her quite difficult at the moment every minor thing she has a tantrum and it's so draining and I feel like I'm failing. I don't know what mood she is going to wake up in, sometimes she is really good, we play and have fun and cuddles etc. The main thing is she is wanting her dummy all the time asking for it when really I feel like it's time to get rid but it's the only thing that settles her as well as Peppa pig lol. At first I was quite strict she was only allowed dummy at bedtime and she never used to be that fussed but Iv kind of given up now but it only leaves me feeling disappointed when she's had her dummy in for a while throughout the day as she cries whenever she hasn't got it. I thought she may grow out of it not become more attached to it! Sometimes I dread taking her anywhere especially play groups because she could just be really really difficult and sometimes a bit rough with other children (she hates sharing!)

Any tips ?

Thank you x

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