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At the end of my tether with my 8 year old wetting his room

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B3ck89 Fri 06-Sep-19 08:12:34

My 8 year old does have a development delay, but he certainly knows what’s right and wrong.
For the last year we have struggled with him urinating in his bedroom he will wake up and deliberately wee anywhere he pleases. Ok the floor, in shoes, in his wardrobe, in his toy box and I’m really struggling to come up with a solution because I have tried everything.
Our toilet is downstairs, not a big house at all the toilet is at the bottom of the stairs and the hall light his outside bedroom, he says he don’t like going downstairs.
We have told him to just switch the light on, gave him a torch but nothing is working.
I don’t want to put him in pull ups, he is 8 years old and should be using the toilet.
The bed wetting I can handle, we just shove the sheets in the wash and job done but now he’s weeing in a pot and throwing it under his divan bed which now has to be thrown away as it’s soaked into the cardboard underneath. We have had to throw away his carpet, his wardrobe, a pair of boots, a pair of wellies and his heelies.
I literally can’t take anymore. He just don’t care.
He has been to the GP who said keep a diary, previously had tests done to test for a uti. But there is nothing they can do for a child who deliberately does this?
Has anyone had to deal with a similar situation?

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youngscrappyandhungry Fri 06-Sep-19 19:13:23

Is he afraid of going downstairs? Is it too cold? Too dark? Does he think he'll trip and fall? Did he see a shadow that frightened him? I'd start there and find a workaround for his worry. While you work on that, I'd probably just get a small potty training toilet or toilet chair (the kind the elderly might use in retirement homes) and stick it in the corner of his room. Make it clear to him that if he needs to wee during the night, he must do it there and only there, and make him responsible for emptying it in the morning and cleaning it out afterwards. If it's sheer laziness, it won't take long for him to tire of doing that and decide going to the actual toilet downstairs is less work.

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