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So ds2, 3yrs old is invoking Sharia Law against his brother at the top of his lungs int the playground today and a group of other mothers gather to point and laugh. WHY?

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suzywong Wed 08-Aug-07 10:30:29

To what effect?
How is this helpful?
What is my reaction supposed to be?
Why laugh?
And why on earth point?
Ds2 is apolplectic with rage and indignation yelling "I want to bite him, I want to bite him, I want to bite him!" for a good 6 maybe 7 minutes and yet they gather to point and do this kind of "Tut, he's a rascal/thank F it's not my child bawling his eyes out and out of control and issuing violent promises"

I managed to incant "you can't bite ds1, it's not kind and if you do you will be in big trouble yourself", no backs of hands or effing and blinding. Yet still they laughed and pointed.

Gets right on my tits


Pruners Wed 08-Aug-07 10:32:03

Message withdrawn

suzywong Wed 08-Aug-07 11:27:22

Hmmm, s'pose that'sm one explanation for it
but what is my part in all this?

Carmenere Wed 08-Aug-07 11:30:46

I agree it is nervous laughter but I may have said 'please don't laugh at my son'. Presumeably you were coping really well so they felt it was ok to laugh?

HectorsHouse Wed 08-Aug-07 11:34:19

I'm sorry but a child shrieking 'I want to bite him, I want to bite him' is funny .. on a Buffy level and on a been there, done that sort of way

its the total overwhelming desire when someone has pissed you off, even as adults we are able to relate to it

its amusing and shouldn't get on your tits when people laugh in recognition and empathy

HectorsHouse Wed 08-Aug-07 11:37:28

and sign in to MSN please suze

suzywong Wed 08-Aug-07 13:18:45

Hectorshouse, do I know you ?

oliveoil Wed 08-Aug-07 13:21:58

where have you been madam?

re mothers, I would have stared back

although once in Gap there was a little girl having a right strop and the mothher was all 'now now that is not nice' and I said 'oh I have one like that at home'

trying to make her feel better but she may have wanted to stab me, who knows

MyEye Wed 08-Aug-07 13:28:15

oh lord, what is the protocol on this one? So tricky.
A small boy was tantrumming in a playground (Waterlow P, actually -- Suzy, you do know me )and I gave his mother a sympathetic smiley look, which I'd intended as a hey-ho-it's-happened-to-us-all sort of look, and she was very offended and stormed off shouting over her shoulder, 'Stop f*cking staring at him, he's a two year old, this is what two year olds do'
I think she was overreacting, tbh

Blackduck Wed 08-Aug-07 13:33:10

I suppose it depends how it was done:
a) malicious, nasty laughter
b) how funny and amused at small child laughter

Suspect most probably were thinking 'there but for the grace of god'.......
And Suzy - it DOES sound really funny..

suzywong Wed 08-Aug-07 15:26:07

MyEye - THAT WAS ME!!!!!!

do I know you, really, in RL? if I do please give me a sign or a clue. And I'm not such a zombie anymore now I have my meds, just for the record.

It was pretty funny actually, his intent was so pure, so unblemished, so guil-less. Hats off to ds2 for knowing his own mind.

chopster Wed 08-Aug-07 15:43:59

I'd be relieved that the parents were finding them entertaining and so probably not judging and thinking what awful children!

My dts get laughed at a lot, I think if it wasnt for the twin thing it would probably be tutting and muttering under breath. This week it was cos dt2 was chasing dt1 trying to pull his nappy down and dt1 was giggling and shouting 'No BUM, no BUM!'

PrettyCandles Wed 08-Aug-07 15:54:45

Hey Suzy, that's the foirst thing that ocurred to me when I read your OP: Good on him for saying what he felt, rtather than just scream,ing incoherently.

A bit cute-funny, true, but not a spectator sport.

MyEye Wed 08-Aug-07 16:03:10

Not in RL, only on MN, am namechanger for reasons i mustn't go into [steps into shadows, tilts hat over eyes, lights a Lucky].
Umm, clues, we have often reminisced about the sour chocolate-seller in the 'village' and the lady butcher (she has started accepting credit cards, wonders will never cease)
do you need more hints?
papier mache 'artworks' in the trees at WP
and sea of love

suzywong Wed 08-Aug-07 16:05:52


I gotcha now!

care todrop me a snippet about high summer in the park?

HectorsHouse Wed 08-Aug-07 17:34:05

yes you know me I'm your friendly neighbourhood chauffeur of SE L

suzywong Thu 09-Aug-07 14:33:17



nice back door

Desiderata Thu 09-Aug-07 14:43:53

Can you be sure, suzy, that your skirt wasn't tucked into the back of your knickers?

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