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Why so much whinging from 15 month baby

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twoshakes Wed 08-Aug-07 09:49:47

My DS is 15 months and has recently been moaning and whinging for Britain. He cries at the slightest thing and is clinging onto me for dear life during the day (even when there are people around that he knows and loves and other children to distract him). Sometimes it feels like he's about 3 months old again in terms of how much he is crying.

He has always been a bad teether and is the sort of baby that if he;s not feeling great or is hungry or tired then you really know about it. It's just that it;s never been this bad, or gone on for this long (about a couple of months now). I can see two canine teeth under the bottom gum so they're probably not too far away but they're equally not just about to cut through either.

He's not walking, has a go every now and again but hasn't quite got the balance thing going yet.

I am a SAHM and I have been trying to leave him in the creche while I do an exercise class (thought it might help him realise that it's ok to be without me and that I will come back) but that results in tears and clinging until they have to come and get me. When I'm at home I keep talking to him, explaining why I can't pick him up as I'm busy etc or try and divert his attention but it's so hard to carry on and
not get stressed by the moaning/crying.

I've had him checked out by the doc as he's had a cold and had a bit of a temp at the weekend. But no signs of an ear infection of anything.

Has anyone experienced this, or can anyone give me any tips? Please tell me it's just a phase!! Thanks

beansontoast Wed 08-Aug-07 10:00:05

no answers to your question im afraid...

but i did think when i read your post that a once a week trip to th ecreche (assuming that it is about once a week?)would be quite hard to get used to at his age as there are six days inbetween when he doesnt go...iyswim?

look after yourself too...x

GreenGlassGoblin Wed 08-Aug-07 10:07:09

My DS is 17 months and has just reverted to clinging, whinging etc after being (relatively) independent for a couple of months. We now have tears at nursery drop off which we haven't been having for 5-6 months, and clinging to my legs while I try to do anything at home (while saying 'n-n-n-n-no'). I think it is just a phase (isn't everything?) as he wasn't like this a couple of months ago. Separation anxiety? Teething really bothers my DS too, so the teeth in the gum might be causing more of a problem and making your DS a bit miserable and clingy. Chin up, it is hard work but it will pass

Weegle Wed 08-Aug-07 10:36:56

DS is 14 months and been just like this recently - it's a nightmare isn't it?! He goes to nursery once a week and we also have tears on drop off but I wait outside the door and he is happy and fine within 5 minutes and apparently stays happy all afternoon. In fact he is far better behaved with anyone other than me!!!! I think it is separation anxiety mixed with teething and so I'm just trying to ride it out. I try to accept that my days will be nothing much more than sitting and playing with him. And he is MUCH better if I take him out so we are often out and about now. It's tough though, very draining.

twoshakes Wed 08-Aug-07 17:48:30

Thanks for your replies everyone. Beans on Toast - yes, I know what you mean and the creche did say to me to try and leave him more than once a week to get used to it. So I will give that a go, hopefully it will start to get easier.

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