Toddlers with epilepsy. Please help??

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Sweetpeach3 Sat 31-Aug-19 12:49:37

Last week my 3yr old DS got diagnosed with general epilepsy whilst I was on holiday. We was told he would only get seen my the specialists at home on the 20th sept witch is a long way away! They asked for videos of him as he's having a lot of little episodes (jerks that are causing falls) throughout the day. When I watch and count them he's having 7 in 20 mins and they've seen the videos and are really concerned and want me in this week - that's great!

But as a parent what the hell can I do to help him and stop this in the mean time ???? I'm on egg shells with him following him around incase he falls. I havnt slept since this happened last Friday as the EEG shown their worse in sleep I'm loosing my mind ?? I'm constantly telling him to sit down and to be careful. When we're out he won't sit in the oram and I'm guna Brooze his hands soon I hold him that tight incase. He's getting rather pissed off as he's such an independent smart ass little boy lol. It hasn't changed his personality that's for sure but we're concerned the medication he's on will?
I just want some advice on the whole thing. we've never delt with this before and I hate my partner keep reading google as it's no good and fills your head with all kinds I just feel like a shit helpless mum right now ! 😢
Iv started a folder with all his results in and our questions to ask when we see this specialist Monday/Tuesday and a full log of his episodes and what happened I duno what else to do. He's ment to start school this week with my DD and I don't want to send him? I don't trust him out of my sight !!!

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