Nursing strike for older baby and pumping

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askingaquestion1 Wed 28-Aug-19 22:53:42

Hi hope someone can help with this breastfeeding query. DS2 is 11 months old, established on solids (blw), a good weight, up until this week on 3 meals and 4 breastfeeds a day. Was ebf until on solids. Sleeps through. In the past week he's been rejecting the breast. Usually just rejects one feed but past few days has rejected all but the 7am feed. He's been drinking water and eating some food although a bit less than normal. I thought a few days ago he may have had an ear infection but he seems ok now-didn't take him to doctors due to Bank holiday but he's really giggly so not in pain. I know lots of people stop breastfeeding at this age but I really want to continue at least the morning and evening feed. This is mainly because I bf ds1 till nearly 2 and he had amazing immunity throughout his start at nursery. I really want to try and get ds2 through the start of nursery and the winter.
To maintain supply this evening I tried pumping. It took AGES to get a let down and in the end I only pumped 30ml. This seems pathetic!!! I don't think I've pumped for the past 6 months. My questions are:
1) is it normal to have trouble pumping large volumes at this stage in breastfeeding? I know breasts adjust and get less full -is it that my body doesn't respond as well to the pump as my son?
2) should I pump to get through this strike or might this take away milk my boy might get from me direct?
3) importantly how can I get him to take the boob again? (His current rejection tactics vary between biting, grabbing my boob, wriggling away or rather amusingly pointing at my nipple and laughing!)
Sorry for long post, thanks in advance!

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Harrysmummy246 Thu 29-Aug-19 13:26:05

yes- babies/ near toddlers v good at extracting milk, pump just isn't. And it's a supply/ demand/ make as needed thing. Don't worry about pumping to maintain supply- I still have a little milk and stopped feeding 5 months ago (and that had only been overnight for a while). When we had strikes the thing that worked was skin to skin, e.g. in the bath and not forcing it, or waiting til they're a bit sleepy

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