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told not to worry

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udenz Tue 07-Aug-07 01:23:57

my fourth child was born at same weight as my second, she has always been under the very bottom line on pink growth chart. never worried as i am only 5'2".
last year she started nursery, standing at shoulder height to classmates, took her to h.v just to shut people up " Aww aint she sweet and small" at four she clearly hears these comments, h.v got us appointment with brill doctor, she told me not to worry , she said my daughter was beautiful and healthy, just small, so i tell all who comment, just been back for 6 month check, same brill doctor now not sure thinks my girl should have all tests done. fair enough if something not right then make her right,,,but what if she just going to be small person, how do i know when they are genuinly concerned or just want to guinea pig her on growth pills

justoneweeboy Tue 07-Aug-07 03:42:40

I had a number of tests done as a child due to being very very small compared to other children. I was kept under the watchful eye of the Paediatric team but as all tests came back ok they just continued to monitor my growth until puberty at which stage I went in for more tests and they ruled out giving me growth hormones. I was just small, generally the medical teams seemed very very reluctant to administer growth hormones unless absolutely necessary. I am now 5ft exactly but was well under 5 ft well into my teenage years.

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