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Jessjane123 Tue 27-Aug-19 09:30:42


My little girl 2.5 has huge tantrums. She doesn’t hit or anything but screams and screams. I’d say two tantrums a day that can last up to 40 mins. They are often about the same time of day (maybe tired, but she naps and sleeps 11hrs at night) She usually gets upset about being asked to walk, not allowed a junky snack or having to get dressed/leave the house.
I’ve tried cuddling her, distracting her and removing her from the situation but I am at my wits end. My husband even questioned if her behaviour was “normal” this weekend.

Can someone tell me if this is normal and how on earth I can help her calm down?
Do you think a “time out” when she loses it might help with the reassurance of getting off the step and having a cuddle when she has stopped shouting? Any ideas on how to help her would be great. Thank you

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Stamford11 Fri 30-Aug-19 07:53:49

I am currently having the same problems with my 21 month old Son. He hates getting dressed and starts to have a tantrum crying and screaming. I try to keep him distracted by singing to him which usually works but it still doesn’t stop him from attempting to kick of each time he’s to get changed.
He’s also really bad at kicking off in public which I’m finding really difficult at the moment. He hates been sat in his pushchair whilst out and if we go out for a family meal he wants to be off as soon as he has finished his dinner. He will cry and scream leading to people constantly looking. It makes me feel like a failure in public. I am at my wits end too. I look at other people’s children and they are sat eating and been well behaved. I really don’t know what I can do as I’ve tried the calm approach which does not work, he screams even louder. I’ve also tried telling him off which just leads to the same result, him screaming even more.
I really don’t know what to do.

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