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teething 10 month old not sleeping, any tips?

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Gemmitygem Mon 06-Aug-07 20:37:38

DS is 10 months and really suffering with 4 teeth coming all at once on the top. He's hard to get to sleep at bedtime (7-8 pm) and then wakes in the night.

If I give him Calprofen shortly before bed it helps, but DH is against me 'drugging' him up. Is it harmful to give those painkillers every day for a few weeks, for example? I wouldn't give them during the day cos he's ok then, it seems to bother him much more at night.

any tips most welcome!

beansprout Mon 06-Aug-07 20:38:27

It's not "drugging" him, it's taking away the pain that is stopping him sleeping.

fawkeoff Mon 06-Aug-07 20:40:06

you CAN use calpol 5ml then 2 hours after use calprofen 2.5ml.........if u got to ur docs they will tell u the exact same thing....and u can use for as long as he needs it there is no time scale when it comes to teething, also use baby bonjela or calgel

twofalls Mon 06-Aug-07 20:41:50

If your DH had a god awful toothache, would he be against taking something to make it feel better ? Having just experienced a wisdom tooth coming through, your ds has my sympathy.

arbs Mon 06-Aug-07 20:42:09

My son is 10 months and teething too <lots of sympathy to you> we give him medised to go to bed 5ml and then calgel if he wakes in the night to resettle him. It REALLY helps.

WeaselMum Mon 06-Aug-07 20:42:12

Anbesol liquid is good for instant relief too. I wouldn't worry about painkillers every night for a while - ime although teething can go on for ages, the worst pain only lasts for a few nights (ds had 4 come through together too). Hope things improve soon for your ds.

Gemmitygem Mon 06-Aug-07 20:42:26

aha, that's a good tip to alternate... might try..

The difficulty with the 'drugging' is that at bedtime he has a big breastfeed and seems fine, goes to sleep then wakes up in pain about 40 mins later.. So I feel a bit bad giving it him as he technically is not suffering at the time ifswim.

can't you tell I'm a first time mum!

startouchedtrinity Mon 06-Aug-07 20:43:07

I give infant nurofen when my dcs are really in pain. However I don't think it is advised to give it for weeks continually. I find lavender oil really helpful, you can get a good one in Boots. Put a drop or two on a tissue and put under the sheet of the cot - I tend to tuck it into the edge of the sheet at the side so ds' face won't lie on it. HTH

fawkeoff Mon 06-Aug-07 20:44:21

you need to give it to him before he gets the pain as it kicks in by the time he needs it

Olihan Mon 06-Aug-07 20:44:39

Have you tried Liquid Anbesol on his gums last thing before you put him in his cot? I find that it's much better than Calgel or any of the gel type things because it doesn't slide off. My 2 always settled instantly with a rub of it.

Nelson's Teetha is also good and contains some kind of homeopathic thing (can't remember what) that seems to settle them to sleep a bit as well as easing the pain. They worked a treat with dd.

Personally, if you're 100% sure he's in pain with his teeth then there's no harm in giving him a dose of painkiller before bed, even if it's for several nights in a row. I know we'v done it with ds1 and dd and I'm sure we'll do it again with ds2 if necessary. You're not drugging him to sleep, you're making sure he's not in any pain, which is much kinder than leaving him in pain.

Olihan Mon 06-Aug-07 20:48:07

Must type faster!

The bf situation is probably because bfing is so comforting and releases endorphins in him that will lull the pain a bit. I know if ds2 hurts himself he will stop crying with a quick bf, because bfs aren't just about food.

choufleur Mon 06-Aug-07 20:53:11

i was reluctant to give my ds pain relief day after day when he had his first teeth coming through until my HV pointed out that i'd take something if it hurt me so why not give it to him. Have you tried medised? it's a godsend. It's paracetemol based but also with some antihistamine i think so basically makes them a bit drowsy.

Gemmitygem Mon 06-Aug-07 22:34:09

thanks ladies, will try your suggestions and not worry about giving him various remedies.. after all it's only a short phase, hopefully!

Flibbertyjibbet Mon 06-Aug-07 22:43:03

My dp used to object to me 'drugging' our babies. Of course it was not HIM up in the night with a teething child..
I find with each tooth there are say 2 or 3 nights when its really bad and they need pain relief, so you are not giving it every day for weeks.
Pity me tonight ladies, ds1 is on his last molar and ds2 got 2 molars appearing at the moment... no way are they not having any calpol tonight!!

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