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Is anyone else finding thier 2/3 yr old a real challenge at the moment.

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CharleeWeasley Mon 06-Aug-07 13:51:07

I am desperate here! DS1's behaviour is really getting dp and i down, he is 3 next month and his behaviour has taken a vast turn for the worst and i just don't know what to do with him anymore.

He is constantly beating up ds2(8.5 months) who is now covered in bruises, cutrs and scratches, the poor kid can't even crawl around the fllor without ds1 jumping on him or strangling him.

DS1 is violent to al of us and desructive in the house he has broken tons of things.

He says no to everything i try and get him to do and doesn't seem to want to play with us he is happier destroying something.

He is such a loving little boy i think its all down to jelousy of his brother and ds12 has hadtough year in and out of hospital and he has daily physio which he kicks and ounches us while we do it.

The worst thing is the violence to ds2 it's getting worse im scared he is really gong to hurt him.

I know its probably 'normal' behaviour but i have no idea where to turn next, i have consistantly used the 'naughty step' and have tried a star chart but neither have worked, i am fed up of hearing myself say 'DS leae your brother alone' and fed up of crying over his behaviour.

belgo Mon 06-Aug-07 13:53:35

My dd1 can get really violent when she's in a temper - there's no where save to put her in the house - so I put her into the garden to calm down. It's a very safe garden and nothing there that she can wreck.

It works , it really calms her down, once she's had a good scream and stamp around.

CharleeWeasley Mon 06-Aug-07 13:57:51

We can't use our garden!

Were in a difficult housing situation at the mo. Were trying to move becuase of DS1's health our rented property is making it bad, anyway our garden is infested with Rats and is next to a main road with nothing stopping him getting out. We can't do anything untill we find another house to move to!

DS1 does loads of activitys in the day and gets an hour at bedtime with us alone he just seems to want attention 24/7

Nemo2007 Mon 06-Aug-07 14:00:08

DS is 3 nearly 4 and I swear I think I have shouted at him at least 100times so far today!! I actually begged dh not to og to work as he has been that much of a nightmare. He and DD1[19mths] play then fight then play then fight until one of them is crying bruised or bleeding! He bit DD2[7mths]last week and has generally turned into a horror

CharleeWeasley Mon 06-Aug-07 14:02:34

Mine NEVER play! DS2 tries so hard he crawls up to ds1 and tries to play but ds1 just thumps him one or smashes his face into the floor.

I am just so fed up with shouting at him but i can't help it at times his behaviour just wares me down. DP has been in tears over it as he to is just so frustrated with him, its becoming a nightmare.

Flibbertyjibbet Mon 06-Aug-07 14:06:57

I thought it was just me with a ds2 constantly covered in bruises. It has got better since DS2 is recently walking and can run away or join in with physical games.
I keep being told that the rough and tumble is a boy/boy thing, your ds1 is trying to reaffirm his top dog status. Friends with ds then dd say their son is protective towards his little sister! If only....

CharleeWeasley Mon 06-Aug-07 14:09:28

I don't mind DS1 bieng naught i expect it it is just the extend and the severity of it.

Like in the car. He can get out of his seat so were stopping every few minutes to put him back in, it's not omething i can ignore i ave to stop and see to him which is exactly what he wants.

He spits all the time like a baby he purpously dribbles and spits all over ds2. He steals ds2's food and constantly bounces on me or on ds2's highcair to get attention even though he gets tons of it!

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