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choking infant - food phobia

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abbieb Fri 03-Aug-07 20:27:14

My friend's three year old son choked on a piece of fruit a couple of days ago and since then, hasn't really eaten. (He has had porridge and yoghurt.) My friend thinks this has caused a phobia of eating/swallowing. Does anyone have any ideas aboout how to deal with this?


LaylaandSethsmum Fri 03-Aug-07 20:33:34

We had this exact thing last summer when DD choked on a sweet then ate nothing for a week, I tried everything, getting cross etc, offering her just what she liked it didn't work so in the end I spent a day ignoring it, I served up very tiny amounts of the food we were having and eventually she ate some, we said 'Oh look how well you've eaten' but made no more fuss than that.
We also , casually , talked about eating and why it was so mportant but just in gen conversation and she eventually got over it.

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