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Thejucylucy Mon 12-Aug-19 08:08:21

Had a DD a few months ago and it is going lovely. I'm a parent with a loving and helpful family and a partner who works abroad most of the year consulting. I have a sibling who is very young but has severe learning disabilities and is mute and non hearing and non walking. They obviously struggle and it breaks my heart to see them frustrated and angry and have what people call "meltdowns" (not to mention all the disapproving looks and judgement we get from people when we go out".

Problem is, and she obviously doesn't know better which I understand, is that it's
is extremely impossible to control and lashes out a lot on people (kicking/screaming/punching/hitting himself etc) and has done before on people and accidentally on DD quite hard when being frustrated. Even when trying to have milk its arms and legs everywhere. Im worried to go near or leave my DD behind incase something happens bad which I can't do anything about. Im not saying for one second I blame them but what can I do or say in this situation without being seen as offensive or non-inclusive? My partner is obviously angry and worried about DD being hurt so is one to go to the more extreme side of things and I don't want that. Our parents are doing all they can to help out but you can't give round the clock watching on one child and not interact with others.

Has anybody got any advice or had a similar experiance?

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