14 month not able to pull herself up or crawl

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ParisLondon Wed 07-Aug-19 12:26:56

I wanted some advise or ask if anyone has experienced this with their babies...

My 14 month old completely skipped crawling and started walking with our support at around 11 months..
she started rolling really early at 3 and half months old so she truly mastered the art of rolling to get to where she wanted and what she wanted .. each time I would place her on her back she would roll over quickly and zoom off she went .. the same as when I sat her down , she would slowly lower herself to go on her back and off she went again rolling everywhere.. she hated it when I tried to encourage her to crawl such as placing my hands on her feet to push her forwards...

she's a strong girl and at around 7 months we could see that she could stand quite firmly on her feet but obviously we had to support her ..

My question is .. she is now walking quite firmly although we do still need to keep an eye on her as she still stumbles and hasn't quite got the full control of walking yet HOWEVER my concern is that she can't pull herself up to stand from siting and still needs our help to do that even when she's near the sofa or has the right furniture or object in front of her to enable her to be able to easily pull herself up, she just can't and cries for us to go and help her stand up!

All it takes is for her to hold on to my hand gently to pull herself up but she hasn't grasped the motor skills to do it on her own ..

Should I be concerned?

What shall I do? How else can I teach support encourage her to learn these skills .. I'm always trying to teach her but it's like she just doesn't get it!

I'm not worried or concerned about any other developmental skills .. she's trying to say animal words and is babbling away confidently having full conversation with everyone .. she can say Apple, she's trying to say elephant although it sounds a bit like ephent at the moment which is super cute x

But I am honestly getting concerned about her motor skills ..

Any advise would be greatly appreciated..
thank you

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Confusedandworried321 Wed 07-Aug-19 15:24:47

I would ask your HV or Gp. I do know of a little boy who walked before he could crawl, and also couldn't get into a standing position independently (ie without using furniture to pull up on). But he WAS able to pull up to stand if he was placed near furniture.

I'm sure she's fine, she's just learned her skills in a different order, but it's still worth her being checked out. The HV/GP could give you tips on how to encourage pulling to stand etc.

My DS was a late walker at 18 months but he was crawling from 10 months and pulling to stand from 13 months, so he actually learned to stand independently ie get up from the floor on his own, without pulling up on anything, before he could walk.

MeadowHay Wed 07-Aug-19 16:54:28

I wouldn't worry really as they're all different but if you are worried, your Health Visitor ought to be your first port of call. Ring and speak to them. Also you seem to describe your DC pulling to standing but using your hands instead of an object, is that right? Or are you helping pull them up? Because if you're not pulling them up and they are doing it themselves just holding on to your then they can physically do it! That would mean it's just a confidence thing. My DD 's gross motor skills are not behind exactly as there's such a wide range of normal, but she is one of the later developers lol and I think a lot of it is down to confidence and her temperament. She is 13 months and only started cruising confidently over the last couple of weeks however she has been clearly physically able to do it for a good couple of months but like your DC she would only walk about if she had hold of our hands and wouldn't attempt it with furniture, she would panic and cry and hold her hand out for us if we tried to get her to do it on furniture. So we didn't push it and she built her confidence and is fine with it now. It's probably the same with your DC. Also she's only been confidently been pulling herself up for a month or so as well, she first did it at 11 months but she only did it rarely at first. And your DD is only one month older and there is a long range of normal so I wouldn't worry. Also DD has never crawled either, she's a bum shuffler

ParisLondon Fri 09-Aug-19 15:30:35

I'm sorry for the late reply.. I was waiting to receive an email to say someone has replied but it must have gone into my spam folder..

So , she's standing up with my help she definitely cannot do it on her own .. we had a moment yesterday where can stood up in her bed by holding onto the sides independently which was so exciting as she's never done that before.

I have spoken with my GP and they did say speak to the HV HOWEVER the HV was utterly utterly utterly unknowledgeable and clueless ... I'm going to take her to see a Pediatrician on the 21st August ...

It looks like she just hasn't learnt how to pull herself up .. as apart from that she's absolutely fine .. I sit there and watch her playing on her mat and she gets on four legs as if she's about to crawl but then freezes in that position and doesn't know she needs to move her legs and arms to move forward and again as always she then slowly lowers herself on her tummy then off she goes rolling and when she gets bored and wants to walk she struggles to get up and simply cries for us to help her up then off she goes running around the room ...

I'm hoping there's nothing wrong but the Pediatrician can hopefully put my mind at ease ..

I honestly thinking it's more she just hasn't learnt the motor skill rather than a sinister issue (hoping) ..


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ParisLondon Sun 25-Aug-19 19:51:53

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update - I find these forums so helpful so I thought just to give an update on the pulling up crawling situation.. so my little madam has mastered these skills over the past two weeks .. although not fully and confidently but she's gone from not crawling at all to now crawling a couple of meters and also pulling herself up from the side of the sofa independently and in her cot bed ... yeyyy
The doctor said as she's walking so confidently at 14 months and there are no other issues there's nothing to worry about .

Thank you for all your advice and reply to my messages .. the doctor said she just learnt how to walk first and is now learning her other motor skills like crawling and pulling herself up .

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