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Terror of water/swimming

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Rotts Thu 02-Aug-07 17:23:36

My DS (3.5 yrs) has developed what is turning into a huge terror of water and swimming. It starts from the moment we talk about putting his costume on and nothing can persuade him otherwise. To begin with thought it might be to do with the clothes (he also refuses to wear shorts) and that he was scared of being naked or undressed but think it might also be the water. Does anyone have any tips for how to help him overcome his fear. It is made harder by the fact that he is a twin. His DS is keen on the water but at the moment I am unable to take her swimming because he makes such a fuss even if I suggest he just sits at the saide and watches. Any advice or just comforting words greatfully received.

Loopymumsy Thu 02-Aug-07 20:24:17

Message withdrawn

twentypence Thu 02-Aug-07 20:33:08

Ds had a fear of waves, and our local pool has a wave machine (which isn't on at the time we go, but once it came on by accident!)

He went on holiday with my mum and dad and came back cured (well mostly - still asks 8 million times if it's coming on but will swim in the pool now). Mum and Dad just kept going in the sea taking it in turns and saying casually "want to come" and one day he said yes.

So maybe somebody else could take him swimming, someone who he admires and wants to impress?

rosmerta Thu 02-Aug-07 20:33:56

If he doesn't like to be undressed what about a sunsuit or similar? Like this

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