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Janeyraemer Tue 06-Aug-19 13:43:27

I was so pleased to have space for a playroom when we moved last year but it hasn't really worked out. My 5 year old boy seems to gets loads of different toys out not properly engaging in anything. Lots of play is about smashing and crashing things and not looking after his toys nicely. I know this isn't reflective of how he plays at school.

Out of frustration after an incident last week
I took all the toys out of the playroom and said that he needs to choose 1 toy at a time. This has been really positive in the sense that this morning he built and amazing train track and a great robot from blocks. He was really constructive and enjoyed what he was doing.

I know this isn't a great or workable solution on the long term and that also much of this will be my fault for not laying out ground rules for playing and tidying etc. Please can you help me? I think he may have too many toys and I have read about the value of rotation of toys etc but I would welcome guidance. Equally I don't want to stop free play!

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NoKnit Tue 06-Aug-19 22:35:30

I think you answered your own question, too many toys. I reduced drastically and haven't looked back. It takes no time at all to clear up and they play much better.

Get rid of more than half your toys you won't regret it

NoKnit Tue 06-Aug-19 22:36:11

Oh I don't think toy rotation works just another thing to have to nanage

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