Pregnant with young baby

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kb16 Tue 06-Aug-19 04:59:13

I have a boisterous little boy who will be 1 next month, I've recently found out I'm around 6 weeks pregnant. When I pick my little boy up or when he pushes himself back on me I get a tight sicky feeling in my tummy? Is this normal? Obviously I have to pick up my little boy so it can't really be prevented I'm just worried it can be dangerous whilst pregnant

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MyHeartIsInCornwall Fri 09-Aug-19 18:25:34

Hi kb16

If you have any concerns I would talk to your midwife. It could be your muscles etc expanding to accommodate baby. They do often much faster after your first pregnancy. I showed much sooner in my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies than in my first. As I say though, any concerns at all, go and get yourself checked out.

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