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You're all going to hate me for this but I have to tell you anyway ...

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Miaou Thu 02-Aug-07 10:53:11

Ds2 is sleeping through the night

He is 8 days old

<<runs away>>

AnAngelWithin Thu 02-Aug-07 10:54:12

sorry did someone say something??

nutcracker Thu 02-Aug-07 10:54:13

Dd1 was sleeping through at 8 days too.

Imagine my shock when I had Dd2 and she didn't sleep through until 14mths

BreeVanDerCampLGJ Thu 02-Aug-07 10:54:44

No he is not..... I heard him down here. You are just exhausted and you don't hear him.

Saturn74 Thu 02-Aug-07 10:54:52

Enjoy the sleep!

PrettyCandles Thu 02-Aug-07 10:57:06

How many nights so far?

bozza Thu 02-Aug-07 10:58:48

Can he come and have a word with my 3yo then maiou. The night she woke me up because she wanted her skateboard keyring in bed with her I nearly did bad things to said keyring.

callmeovercautious Thu 02-Aug-07 10:59:49

I am going to put a dampener on your spirits!

Make the most of it while you can! Most of them go through waking when teething etc and it can be harder if you are not used to it See you on sleep is for the weak in a few months

Seriously though - I am just but good for you both, what a good boy!

IntergalacticWalrus Thu 02-Aug-07 11:00:04

DS2 did this from 3 weeks, and had done it ever since [smug]

DS1, however was a different matter entirely, he's 2.8 and is still a shite sleeper

mears Thu 02-Aug-07 11:00:36

Don't expect that to carry on

Seriously though, how long do you mean by through the night? 12mn-6am is OK.

8pm - 8am for an 8 day old baby isn't. Sorry to rain on your parade!

OrmIrian Thu 02-Aug-07 11:01:21

Ha! D'you want the truth? So were 2 out of my 3 babies. Right through the night. Not a peep till 7am. Until they reached 7 months old. And then they developed an allergy to sleep that lasted about 4 years. DS#2 is just recovering from that. Sorry

IdrisTheDragon Thu 02-Aug-07 11:01:36

No, you are making it up.

<<Wonders whether swap with DD, 22 months can be arranged, on the grounds that your DS2 has probably slept through more often than she has >>

Leati Thu 02-Aug-07 11:03:01

Miaou Thu 02-Aug-07 11:04:48


ds1 didn't sleep through until he was 9 months so I don't know what I've done to deserve this - someone up there must like me!!

Miaou Thu 02-Aug-07 11:07:28

Mears - 12am to 6am - no I wouldn't want him to sleep any longer at this stage either! (in fact until his jaundice cleared up I was waking him at night to feed him - midwife thought I was mad )

And no, I don't really expect it to continue - but I've had three consecutive nights now where he has slept through so I am enjoying feeling like a human being at the moment

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Thu 02-Aug-07 11:15:39

my dd slept through from about 3days, however i have now got ds who is 9mo and still not sleeping through!!!!

pistachio Thu 02-Aug-07 11:15:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

popsycal Thu 02-Aug-07 11:16:05

compo Thu 02-Aug-07 11:16:55

I thought you had to wake them up every 3 hours at this stage

popsycal Thu 02-Aug-07 11:17:45

and some more

jo25 Thu 02-Aug-07 11:19:39

My ds did that and contiually slept through until 3.5, what a shock that was to suddnely be woken throughout night i have to say that the phase only lasted about 6 months but felt like an enternity!!! all my friends found it hilarious!!! glad we have gone back to sleeping 12-13 hours a night now. anyway good luck for it continuing.

backtobasics Thu 02-Aug-07 11:20:04

My friends baby did that too. But be careful and watch that he doesn't start losing weight because my friends baby lost alot of weight because her dd wasn't having enough milk during the day and no milk at all at night. She ended up having to wake her dd at 3am every morning to feed and the problems just started from there.

Not saying that will happen to you but do keep an eye on weight.

Miaou Thu 02-Aug-07 11:20:46

Popsy - I'm sorry, I truly am! If I could swap sleep patterns with you (just for a week, mind ) I would do it!

Compo - I asked that, but several midwives told me it was ok. He does make up for the long sleeps by feeding more during the day (and I never let him go more than three hours during the day without a feed, even if I have to wake him for those).

pistachio - lol

mumfor1standfinaltime Thu 02-Aug-07 11:20:53

Oh, I thought you meant really sleeping through the night, not 12 til 6! Hopeful I guess lol!

Ds slept from 7pm to 7am at around 6 weeks old and has done since,now 2.5

Miaou Thu 02-Aug-07 11:22:40

Backtobasics - mw has just been this morning to weigh him - I want to keep a close eye on his weight for this very reason - and he is just about back to his birthweight now and putting on weight steadily. First sign of it stalling/dropping and I'll be setting my alarm during the night! I'm not that fond of my sleep

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