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6 week old and soooo angry

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BirthdayBabe Wed 01-Aug-07 21:33:53

When she's not feeding or sleeping, my 6 week old dd2 screams the place down. She won't be put down for longer than a few seconds, whether it's in the buggy, her moses basket or the car seat. She needs constant comforting and carrying about. It is exhausting, I have to do everything single handedly because I know that if I put her down to let's say put the wash out, I'll go back to a yelling, red faced, sweating, hysterical child. Our dd1 was so laid back compared to this one, I don't know what to think of it. She is healthy, puts on weight beautifully - I breastfeed on demand - gets plenty of attention. She will only calm down in our arms, getting her to nap is becoming impossible. She's better at night, after an hour bedtime routine still...
What is it ? Is it anxiety, a sense of insecurity ? What can we do about it ? She almost looks terrified sometimes.
I would appreciate any help/comments. dd1 is suffering from her sister's attitude as well, not getting the attention she should (she's 2.10yo).

PotatoOfDoom Wed 01-Aug-07 21:35:34

Have you tried a sling? so she'll have the contact but you'll be freed up a bit

CarGirl Wed 01-Aug-07 21:36:22

I would go to a cranial osteopath, she may have a headache permenantly from the birth!

My dd3 started this at 6.5weeks it turned out to be acidic reflux but I'd go down the cranial route first.

itwasntme Wed 01-Aug-07 21:39:35

My dd was like this too.. it started at 3 weeks and carried on until we found the source of the problem, which was reflux.

She was better at night too, but would scream pretty much all day, and hated being on her back.

I agree abour cranial osteopathy, and try talking to your HV about other possible causes.

Keeping her head slightly raised helped a bit.

BirthdayBabe Wed 01-Aug-07 21:44:24

bought the sling, it's on its way

StarryStarryNight Wed 01-Aug-07 21:45:18

My oldest was like that. We took him to a cranial osteopath and he was a changed baby after just one session. He needed two, and then he was happy baby. He hardly slept till then!

Piffle Wed 01-Aug-07 21:46:17

which sling? my ds was pretty grumpy until I bought a Coorie - at 19 wks and generally a happy contented lad, I owe it to that sling...

BirthdayBabe Wed 01-Aug-07 21:47:52

We talked to the hv about it, she was totally unhelpful.
I thought about reflux, but shoudn't she be posseting all the time? what are the symptoms?

BirthdayBabe Wed 01-Aug-07 21:49:27

piffle - we're getting a huggababy.

CarGirl Wed 01-Aug-07 21:51:01

with acidic reflux there is usually no possetting as they just bring up tummy acid into their throat - hence screaming in pain.

The other symptoms dd had were lots of trapped burps and she would wake up screaming, sit her up then belch and burp and she didn't really sleep at all during the day apart from the odd 5 min nap - which she woke up screaming from!

We put her on infant gaviscon and in 24 hours she was a different baby.

BirthdayBabe Wed 01-Aug-07 21:59:47

cargirl - she often wakes up farting too and needs a lot of burping. Hubby's just said that she seems to bring up stuff up to her throat too. I could try gaviscon - is it safe for such a young baby?

CarGirl Wed 01-Aug-07 22:03:33

yes i believe it is available without pescription it is called "infant gaviscon" if you are breastfeeding ignore the instructions on the packet for mixing!

Put the sachet & a small amount of pre-boiled water into a small lidded container, shake very hard then use a syringe to get into baby!

YOu should see an improvement quite quickly but I would still go to a cranial osteopath too as they can often sort out the reason why they have it in the first place IYSWIM.

BirthdayBabe Wed 01-Aug-07 22:11:02

right, off to boots tomorrow then . If this doesn't work, I'll have to convince hubby to go the cranial osteopathy route
Thanks girls

CarGirl Wed 01-Aug-07 22:12:14

or get it on pescription and explain to your gp that you want to rule acidic reflux out by trying infant gaviscon.

itwasntme Wed 01-Aug-07 22:14:35

Agree with cargirl. DD had acid reflux, and there was no possetting at all.

Gaviscon for Infants saved our lives. The problem just stopped instantly.

This was 3 years ago, but it was definitely only available on prescription then.

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