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what does your toddler eat in a day ?

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GenericUsername101 Sat 03-Aug-19 06:49:56

My 2yrs 9 months DS eats:

Breakfast - bowl of porridge and slice of toast with Nutella or peanut butter and jam, sometimes fresh fruit too. OR eggs on toast.

Morning snack and lunch (I make up his lunchbox before we go out in the morning so he eats from that for both) is typically -
- sandwich (pbj, egg, or tuna) or pasta salad
- one of crackers/rice cakes/popcorn etc
- a few cubes of cheese and some carrot/cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes
- some fruit (generally melon/grapes/apple etc) plus a few raisins/banana chips/some baked goods

Afternoon - often has rice cakes, fruit, and/or crackers

Dinner typically - sausages and mash, pasta with meatballs and sauce, marinated tofu with rice etc, all with a side of greens (doesn't always eat them.....)

After dinner - if he's still hungry has a banana or a piece of toast.

He's 98th centile for height and weight, he probably only eats about 3/4 of his lunch box. The eating varies though as if he's having a growth spurt he's constantly hungry so will ask for more, if not it's far less.

AMAM8916 Fri 02-Aug-19 20:37:04

Hi. My son is 2 years 9 months and he usually eats this in a day.

Breakfast at 8-8:30am - a cup of semi skimmed milk and an oaty type cereal bar

Snack at 10:30am - 2 slices of brown bread toast with butter

Lunch at 1pm - Crackers with cheese spread or cheesy crackers or half a cheese sandwich and fruit (apple or pear)

Snack at 3:30pm - 2 biscuits

Supper at 5:30-6pm - One of the following - Pizza, scampi, breaded fish, chicken dippers, sausages or burger. Along with one of the following - Carrot waffles, chips, smiles or alphabet shapes. And one of the following - peas, sweetcorn, cucumber sticks or carrot sticks

Then he has a cup of semi skimmed milk before he goes to bed at 8pm. He drinks around 1 litre of water/juice a day as well.

He is tall, he's on the 98th centile for height. He weighs 2 and a half stone. He looks average weight wise. Not too slim but not too chunky

SmartPlay Fri 02-Aug-19 20:24:08

My toddler eats this during an average day:

Though currently he's rather on 3 meals than 4, since he gets up rather late (lucky me!) and therefore our breakfast is late. So he'd eat breakfast around 9, lunch around 2 and dinner around 7. Occasionally some snack in between. I have to watch his eating though, because he doesn't know when he's full.

If you have a healthy child who always got to eat when he was hungry and stop when he was full, you don't need to worry about how much he eats, because he'll be self regulating. However, this applies for "natural" food, not processed ones with additives or sugary or salty stuff, which messes with the body.
What your child eats sounds quite a lot to me, but if he needs it he needs it and as long as he's lean it's fine.

However, I find your list rather unhealthy.

ineedaholidaynow121212 Fri 02-Aug-19 14:02:30

oh and he has a pudding after his lunch of a jelly or fruit

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ineedaholidaynow121212 Fri 02-Aug-19 14:02:08

Just that really ?

I have a goregous DS (2) who loves his food. he is a tall boy and weighs around 2.5 stone, not fat, nut chubby, just a tall lad who loves food ( his dad is 6ft 4 also loves his food)
in a typical day he can have

7am - breakfast - 2 x weetabix with whole milk ( do I need to change this to semi skimmed?) maybe a bit of toast after
8.30-9am - snack - fruit 1 x banana or a yoghurt ( sometimes both )
11am - lunch - fish fingers chips mush peas, pesto pasta , spag bol, chicken roast dinner, italian chicken, with rice, chilli with garlic bread n rice, tuna pasta n sweetcorn, jacket potato cheese and beans , ( can be any of these meals )
2pm - a snack of some fruit or an oat bar or some cheesy crackers with some cheese on the side
4pm - tea time - any thing from a cheese sandwhich with pom bears and veggie sticks, hamd and cheese toasty, cheese on toast, pasta bake, stir fry, fish finger sandwhich,
5pm another snack of a yoghurt
7pm - a full milk bottle - then sleeps through until 7am.

is this diet ok , is he having too much ? I am a natural worrier anyway about anything and everything, but just wanted to see other parents perspectives smile thanks

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