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Nail biting

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Its2oclockinthemorning Thu 01-Aug-19 20:01:37

My son started biting his nails maybe a year ago. Despite trying to get him to stop by pulling his hands away when we caught him, plasters (which he pulled off ) and that stuff that tastes awful. Nothing has helped. He’s gone through phases of doing it less often but never stopped.
This summer he’s started now biting the skin off around the nail. He’s relentless.for example we’ll go and watch him play football and he’s just standing there with his hand in his mouth. He’s 6.

Any help

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Himawarigirl Sat 03-Aug-19 10:55:19

No advice i’m Afraid but my 6 yr old dd also bites her nails. Unfortunately I bit mine right up until I had her so I know how tough the habit is to break, even though I really wanted to at points in my childhood and adulthood. I finally stopped as I didn’t want to be responsible for her catching the habit by seeing me do it. But it happened anyway sad from what I’ve read it can be a passing phase so that is what I’m hoping.

Londonmummy00 Sat 03-Aug-19 16:31:18

Hi I just wanted to say we have had this with our almost 6 year old son too, for around 2 years. He went through a period of bad behaviour at nursery 2 years ago, and it started around then (probably being more told off and disciplined etc) However as his behaviour has greatly improved his nail biting is out of control. He too will now bite the skin around the nail and be the only child in his football team on a Sunday morning to stand there with his fingers in his mouth chewing away. He does it all day regardless of what activity he’s doing (including being ‘chilled out’ watching tv/ cinema) We are at our wits end and have tried everything. Nothing works. Next we are just simply leaving him to it, with no emphasis on him to stop. It’s the ONLY thing we haven’t done and I’ve run out of energy. We live relatively near to hamleys toy shop, his ‘heaven’ place and I said I would take him there to choose any 2 toys he wanted over the summer holidays if he was to let his nails grow out. He was fully on board of course but after an hour fingers were back in his mouth. And I know how badly he would love to go to hamleys.
For us it gets a lot less on holiday as he’s constantly busy and swimming. Also, I’ve found this ‘chew’ great for nights when I know he was biting his toe nails a lot in bed (!!) this has stopped the toe nail biting at least ...

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