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Worried after the 8-12 month developmental check

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Ai18 Thu 01-Aug-19 01:12:51

My baby will be 10 months old in a few days.
He is my first child and I’m not sure if I need to be worried or not with his development?
I took him to his developmental check a couple of weeks ago. There were a few things on the list that my son doesn’t do at all, and he was in the grey area for his gross motor skills & fine motor skills and in the black area for problem solving.
The HV I saw started mentioning it was too soon to make a referral and that they just follow up with a phone call at 12 months.
I wasn’t worried before I went there but now I can’t stop thinking about it and googling everything.
My son crawls well, stands, cruises he babbles and growls, he waves he makes good eye contact and he holds his own bottle and cup. He also sways his head from side to side sometimes I am not sure if this is normal behaviour? He can wave but doesn’t clap or point and doesn’t like cuddles but does give kisses. He likes peek a boo but doesn’t hide his own face. Am I overreacting here? confused

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Brain06626 Thu 01-Aug-19 02:12:32

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BringMeThatHorizon Thu 01-Aug-19 14:27:24

He sounds exactly the same as my DS who is 9.5 months. There's a huge difference between what babies can do at 8 months and what they can do at 12. I wouldn't worry.

Ai18 Thu 01-Aug-19 15:32:19

Thank you, I think I just started panicking when she mentioned referring him!

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