13 month old suddenly gagging on all food

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lblythe Sat 27-Jul-19 22:16:20

Our little boy is coming up to 14 months - we did baby led weaning and he has always been a really enthusiastic and confident eater. In the last week he has started gagging on foods that he has been eating happily for months and months - he seems to be fine with the first bite, then gags on the second or so to the point where he's been very sick about once a day for almost a week.
This happened a few times a few weeks ago at the same time as him being generally under the weather so I took him to the doctors and they couldn't find anything wrong. I wondered if it could have been a sore throat but the Dr said his throat looked normal.
He was quite a refluxy baby so I'm wondering if it could be that? Or teeth?
Has anyone been through similar?

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selly24 Sat 27-Jul-19 22:45:47

That was my first thought...

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