4 year old drawings of death

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Mum2eleigha Sat 27-Jul-19 13:54:14

Not sure where to start. My 4 year old daughter has started drawing pictures of death it started a few days ago where she brought a picture to me of a boy screaming and I asked why he was screaming her response was because his mum is dead and there was a drawing of a person in the background with crosses over the eyes. Fast forward to yesterday and she was drawing with her half sister happily started drawing unicorns then 10minutes in and her sister asked what she drawing and my daughter replies with "a grave silly". Now I haven't up to now told her it's wrong to draw these things or given it much attention however I am getting increasingly worried. Is this normal behaviour? A passing phase? Or something to speak to health visitor about?. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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HennyPennyHorror Sat 27-Jul-19 14:16:19

It's normal for some kids. My sister used to bite her biscuits and scream for them...as though they were in pain. She'd hold funerals for anything she found that was dead...even flies.

She'd also draw hands dripping in blood. She's perfectly normal now...some kids hear about death and cope with it through creativity. She's probably really creative...it's a good outlet... a way to express herself.

Mum2eleigha Sat 27-Jul-19 14:47:19

Thanks for your reply. I was starting to think that my separation from her dad around this time last year was now starting to come and she was showing it in this way a lot has changed for her over the past year, however we have never hidden anything from her and explained to her the best we can about the new situations that she may have to go through.

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