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Vacation has changed

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Dystrophin345 Thu 25-Jul-19 20:45:23

Hi all,

We’re abroad to visit family for three weeks. We’re staying with our family and they have a fairly big house. Since we’ve arrived my toddler is giving me a really hard time. Really worried for him and hope this is just a phase.

Basically he will never ever leave me. He’s a clingy child and over the past months this has become worse but not as bad as it is here. He just wants to be near me and wouldn’t go to play with the kids. He doesn’t even want to go to anyone except his grandma (whom he sees once or twice a year) and prefers me over his dad (he’s been like this for a while) but even this is extreme now. For example he wouldn’t even let his dad kiss him. He says no if he comes near.

He sees his cousins a lot when we’re home and they are here on holiday as well and staying in the same home. His cousin is going to be 3 in November and he doesn’t play with him either. Occasionally he would ask little cousin to go outside with him but mostly fights with him over toys.

Obviously this May just be because he’s in an unfamiliar environment and on a daily basis he sees new people. But today we were invited for dinner at another relatives house (again lots of big and little people) and he didn’t play with any of the kids. The kids were running around a fan and my DS came and he kept insisting they stop as that’s dangerous. He doesn’t join in with any other activities and was bitten by one of his cousins. DS has a habit of pinching and pulling hair but that’s gone better in the past two days (which may be because his other cousins hit him).

I’m worried because he isn’t enjoying himself and just seems worried about playing with other kids thinking he will hurt himself or they will hurt themselves. Did they fight he’s the one who gets all annoyed and whiny that they’re fighting.

I just want him to have a good time and enjoy with other kids.

And his dad is complaining that he doesn’t love him and doesn’t want to kiss and cuddle him. There’s a garden downstairs and many times I’ve encouraged him to go with his dad and he has refused (although he loves going outside). If I go with him, he wants me to stay the whole time. If I go in he will cry.

Should I be worried? I want to enjoy the holiday too!

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Dystrophin345 Thu 25-Jul-19 20:49:25

Just to add... his dad takes care of him two days a week and on those days takes him to his cousins house (same cousin who is here) and he says when I’m not around he plays with him nicely. But that’s changed here maybe because I’m around. He is starting nursery in September and seeing him here has really scared me. He will hve settling periods before he starts but by the looks of it, I don’t think this will go down too well with him

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PorridgeLove Fri 26-Jul-19 22:03:41

We had family stay with us for a couple of weeks and my toddler (2.5yo) behaved like a different child. Constant whinging, tantrums, clingy with parents etc. It took a week, but now he is his old self again. Toddlers just hate change, don't take it personally. The nursery will know how to deal with it.

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