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Clumsy nearly 9 year old - dyspraxia?

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DefConOne Thu 25-Jul-19 19:38:09

My nearly 9 year old falls over and bumps herself a lot. She will be walking along and trip over her own feet. She is always spilling and dropping things and looks really grotty with stains on her clothes. Her school reports give her top marks for effort but she is behind expected level in writing. As expected in all other areas and is very articulate. She was slow to learn to read (glue ear) but absolutely fine now.

She hates PE, particularly ball games but her eyesight isn't great. Was slow to learn to ride a bike. She does jazz and tap and has a good sense of rhythm and is reasonable but not amazing at dancing.

She tries really hard at everything. Maybe I'm looking at neuro diversity that isn't there as my other DD has ASD and my DB has dyslexia. Can we help her co-ordination or is it a 'grow out of' thing?

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BeeMyBaby Thu 25-Jul-19 22:43:10

You said her eyesight isn't great, has she had a recent eye test? Does she wear glasses all the time?

DefConOne Thu 25-Jul-19 23:11:25

She does wear glasses all the time. Was treated at the eye hospital for 5 years now discharged to normal opticians. Has a +4 in one eye, +6.5 in the other and a squint. She is great with her glasses and her prescription is stable.

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Lara53 Fri 26-Jul-19 16:31:41

My son had poor eyesight and coordination issues. We took him for assessment to a behavioural optometrist ( like occupational therapy for eyes) and he had a full assessment. His eyes were not working together so things like reading from the board/ writing/ reading and changing between the three was very hard. He also struggled in football and couldn’t ride a bike in a straight line, was a messy eater etc. He had 3 blocks of treatment over 18 months and then both school and sports have seen huge progress. He’s now 16 and playing in the first team for rugby and cricket at school. He has been given a diagnosis of mild dyspraxia and now uses a laptop at school for anything involving extended writing

PorridgeLove Fri 26-Jul-19 21:58:20

Your daughter sounds like me as a child! I still hate all games involving a ball. However, I enjoy other sports and have a postgraduate degree. My eye sight was also high in the +'s at that age. I am not sure whether I ever had an official diagnosis of dyspraxia, but I did some sort of therapy up to Y2 to develop my motor skills. The therapy was actually fun and helped me tons with confidence. Maybe look into it.

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