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4 yeah old struggling with house move

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bgjan2015twins Mon 22-Jul-19 11:25:54

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We moved house just over a week ago for the first time since our 4 year old twins have been born. DD is handling it was great and loves her new room. But DS is really struggling, bed time has now become a massive struggle and he's become very clingy and emotional. I've tried to get back to routine as quickly as possible, I've given him lots of cuddles and reassurance and hoped it would pass soon. Yesterday he came up to me with a bleeding finger. I asked him what happened and he said he did it himself. That he nipped himself until it bled. He wasn't upset at all. I asked him why he did it and just said because he did. It was bleeding quite a lot and needed a plaster.
He's never been great with change so I knew there would be some bumps but I never thought he'd do anything like that.
I'm totally at a loss as what to do to help him. Any advice please?

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