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RedTreehouse Tue 16-Jul-19 22:07:18

Yes, I remember something similar when my son was just turned one, it lasted for nearly two weeks. He had a cold at the same time and the doctor said that doesn't help as they're trying to fight everything at once.

I resorted to squirting a calpol syringe of water in his mouth every 5 mins so I knew he was getting at least some water. Other than that you just have to ride it out. Hope he gets better soon, it's horrible when they're poorly.

stellavisionandunderstanding Tue 16-Jul-19 21:02:39

Mine lasted a whole week. Not been the best holiday but thankfully we booked for two weeks.

stellavisionandunderstanding Tue 16-Jul-19 21:01:44

We have just had this on our family holiday in Spain. Doctor put my baby on probiotic drops and antibiotics. Told me to get him to eat/drink sugar as they helps stop the cycle of vomit and diarrhoea. I think the probiotic drops have done wonders. They are so recommended lactose free milk and that has made everything go back to normal. We had literally puddles of watery diarrhoea in his nappies. It was awful.

LadyBirr13 Tue 16-Jul-19 20:44:06

My daughters diarrhoea lasted well over a week when she had this, as long as he is drinking little and often then I don't think there is anything to worry about. It sounds like he is still drinking, if he suddenly stops or worsens I would take him in, but as is now, he sounds like he is recovering as he is even eating a little again, which my daughter didn't do for at least 2 weeks when she had it.
Sometimes it takes longer for their systems to return to normal. Little sips now and again so that he is drinking something is what is important.
If you feel he is getting dehydrated then of course take him in straight away. If he is crying tears still and urinating then he doesn't sound dehydrated.
I would keep trying with the milk too, little and often, that will keep him hydrated.

Babynosleep Tue 16-Jul-19 14:25:20

Looking for advice... my 8 month old baby had gastroenteritis last week, and refused all food and drink. He ended up in hospital overnight on a feeding tube as he was getting dehydrated. He refused to drink water or juice, so the dr advised to keep feeding him milk as it was better than no fluid, however the diarrhoea could last a couple of days this way.
It is now a week later and baby still has diarrhoea and I'm struggling to keep him hydrated especially in this heat, is it normal to last this long?
He is only taking around 17oz of milk a day, with small amounts of solids, and around 2/3 oz of water a day, this is the maximum I can get him to drink.

Any advice would be great smile

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