Dyspraxia & beneficial supplements

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TangoCharlieWhiskey Sat 13-Jul-19 16:28:57


I've not been on here for ages I'm afraid, but have stumbled across a couple of older threads about dyspraxia and was hoping to get seem views on supplements.

DS1 has dyspraxia, having been diagnosed a couple of years ago. I have read a few articles suggesting that certain essential oils (omega 3 & 6) etc are very useful for this and some other related extra needs.

Interestingly DS1 (& DH) are both allergic to fish and so can't get any of these oils in their diet.

My first question is: has anyone seen an improvement in their child's dyspraxia having provided a supplement?

& secondly if so what supplements (no fish or shell fish oils) would you recommend?


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