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Need strategies to stop dd (5.5) sucking her thumb... PLEEEEAAAASE

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MrsBigD Sun 29-Jul-07 16:26:38

here's the deal... dd has always been an avid thumb sucker as she never used a dummy. Now I wish she had as it's way easier to take a way a dummy than her thumb... I've noticed that the favoured thumb is actually smaller than the other. Whether that's due to prolonged being sucked on or just so I have no idea but tend to blame the first possibility.

Have tried stickers, bribes, pulling her thumb out of her mouth whenever I notice, telling her that her thumb will disappear one day when she keeps it up (not very mature I know) but nothing's working.

I get:

'I can't stop it keeps going back in' (which sort of is true as it's habitual) followed but very frustrated hand waving and attempt not to suck which is successful for all but 2 seconds

'I like the taste'

'I don't know how to stop' (to which I suggested sit on your hands )

If she'd only suck when she's tired or upset I'd sort of over look it but it's almost constant unless she's drawing or doing other stuff that involves both hands. Saying that sometimes during drawing she draws with one and and sucks on the other hand...

Going out for an evening out with hubby now as dm is here to watch kids but shall efo check back later to see what the wonderful mn board comes up with

tassi Sun 29-Jul-07 16:36:06

dose she do it at school too? or is it just at home?

jalopy Sun 29-Jul-07 16:56:04

Try a woollen glove on her hand at night. She has to be compliant though. Worked for my one at the same age.

Another thing that worked was the dentist telling her to stop too.

Idreamofdaleks Sun 29-Jul-07 16:57:58

Try "thumb guard"

jaspersslave Sun 29-Jul-07 19:41:28

put nail-a-bite (from most chemist/ boots to stop you biting your nails) on her thumb when she a sleep then when she gets up in the morning she wont want to suck her thumb cos it wont taste very nice but wont no you put anything there

MrsBigD Sun 29-Jul-07 21:18:54

thanks for your replies .
don't think the glove thing would work as she doesn't like wearing them so doubt she'd be complient.

Might try the sneak antinailbite attack.

What's thumb guard? Is that a contraption?

I think she sucks in school as well when she gets tired.

Havent' taken her to dentist yet. Thankfully her teeth still look o.k. but might go visit him anyway so he can scare her a bit

onlytheone Sun 29-Jul-07 23:18:29

I am trying to get my 3 year old to stop too. The dentist has told her to stop but this has not had any effect. It is such a strong urge and comforter. I think will use the thumb guard.

CHOCOLATEPEANUT Sun 29-Jul-07 23:37:53

just posted another thread for same problem.Im going to get some nailguard too

mankyscotslass Mon 30-Jul-07 09:56:30

Watching this with interest, my dd sucks all her fingers and the sides of her hand....we have had 2 threadworm outbreaks and I think this is keeping the cycle going....she constantly has something in her mouth!!!

Idreamofdaleks Mon 30-Jul-07 11:22:28


MrsBigD Mon 30-Jul-07 12:48:03

thumbguard looks good but need to save up for that! gulp

mogs0 Mon 30-Jul-07 19:45:50


My ds sucks his thumb but only when he's going to sleep.

He used to only suck his thumb when he had a muslin to hold. When he was 2 1/2 we gave the muslins away and he stopped sucking his thumb for 6 months then out of the blue he started again and now will suck it as long as he has some form of fabric in his hand (still only at bedtime so I'm not too worried).

Maybe ebay have the thumb guard?!

janeefr Mon 30-Jul-07 19:50:30

My mum gave me nail-a-bite when I was about and I couldn't stop sucking my thumb. I only tasted it once and I never did it again.

janeefr Mon 30-Jul-07 19:51:42

Sorry. should say about 6. I was def far too old to still be sucking my thumb but I just couldn't stop. It wrecked my teeth.

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