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Can Penicillin change toddlers mood

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LJacobs01 Sun 07-Jul-19 17:57:45

My son who is 2.5 years has been put on Penicillin for tonsillitis, I am seeing some slight changes in mood. He’s become quite difficult and very challenging where normally he’s quite relaxed. He’s been getting extremely frustrating very quickly which is out of character.
He’s been on Penicillin before and i had noticed a slight change in mood towards to the end of the dose.
I know that toddlers can be challenging in general however he seems to have A LOT more energy than normal. Like i’ve said, he just seems out of character and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

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dementedpixie Sun 07-Jul-19 18:28:49

Could be the colours and preservatives. Is it the bright yellow stuff?

LJacobs01 Sun 07-Jul-19 19:14:26

This time it’s pink. He’s had tonsillitis a couple of times now...

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