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4 year old running away

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Beccabee90 Thu 04-Jul-19 15:44:00

I was wondering if anyone can possibly shed some advice on how to deal with this chapter of parenting!
My little boy (4) has always been a very sensitive soul, a bit of a mummy’s boy but we’ve always had issues with his behaviour since he started preschool.
It started with him acting up when I left (but wouldn’t want to leave when I came to pick him up)
But then became a very consistent issue of him hitting other children or throwing toys/rocks and showing no remorse for his actions and not understanding why to say sorry.
We have a time out space downstairs (we found with it being on the stairs he would lash out to his sister as she walked past)
that we use consistently and we will always give a warning if we see him starting to get angry or upset.
But over the past two weeks something has kicked up a notch.
After a lovely swimming trip with DS & DD we got out of the pool and I asked DS to pick up his bag and pop it on his back, this upset him so he kicked the bag across the grass. I explained that wasn’t a nice way to treat his things and calmly asked for him to pick it up again. This caused him to fly of the rails and he got so angry he just ran! - he ran all the way to the other side of the park (poor DD was running with me to try keep up with him) when I finally got close to him I asked him to come over and we could have a sit down and a chat, so he ran again this time towards the road. My heart dropped. I was screaming for him to stop I grabbed DD & all 3 swimming bags to stop him. Thankfully he changed his path, but then he just disappeared?!
After ten mins of me crying hysterically in the park asking everyone had they seen him I finally see him in the bush. I approached him still crying asking for him to come here. So he ran again. This time managed to get a hold of him and he hit, kicked, scratched & screamed at me! blush I explained that was naughty that he could have been really hurt, I could have lost him and that his actions had made me feel sad & upset. But he didn’t seem to care at all.
This has now happened 5 times in the past two weeks and I’m scared to leave the house with the chances of something going wrong. He also acts the same way for his dad & step-dad (of 3 years)
Ive spoken to the HV and they gave me no solutions or methods that I’ve not already tried with no success! sad

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Flubberyseal Thu 04-Jul-19 19:09:52

Hi, not sure what advice to give, but just to let you know you are not alone. I too have a super sensitive ds (3 and a half), who dislikes going to preschool, but can be reluctant coming out. He has done lots of throwing at preschool and although he is yet to hit another child, he does hit me! Mine has a speech delay and does find it difficult to play and share with other children.

It must have been terribly stressful when your ds ran off. I haven’t had these issues (yet!), but all I can suggest is that if he does it again you head straight for home. It sounds like the incident in the park turned into a bit of a game for your ds. Hopefully rather than making it into a habit, he will learn that the consequence (going straight home) just isn’t worth it.

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