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11 month old still can't sit up unaided

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Terramirabilis Tue 02-Jul-19 23:44:30

DS is pretty much 11 months now and still can't get himself up into a seated position. It's pretty strange because if he's placed in a seated position he can hold it for an extended period of time. Also, he's just getting to the point of starting to pull himself upright on furniture occasionally. But no one has ever seen him move from lying down to seated.

Has anyone experienced something like this and what happened?

Paediatrician isn't too worried (as of the 9-month check) and said since DS is 99th percentile for head circumference, 96th for height but only 38th for weight he's probably just got center of gravity issues from being long and thin and top heavy.

But I'm still concerned (of course.) The only advice I can find online seems to be more children who can't sit up even when placed in a seated position. Anyone else had my situation before?

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HennyPennyHorror Wed 03-Jul-19 00:57:50

I have read that it's usual for babies to be able to sit up alone by around 11 months

Your baby is just on still within the realms of's hard not to stress about these things but he sounds fine to me. It's one of those things....and babies will keep on worrying us for years to come!

The doctor's not worried...nor should you be.

HalfBearOtherHalfCat Wed 03-Jul-19 08:29:54

Ah, I had one of these. Very tall boy with a massive head who sat beautifully if arranged in a sitting position, but didn't seem able to get himself there. Couldn't crawl either, though would pull up. That was the status quo until he was a week or two shy of 11 months old.

Then it just seemed to click for him one day and in the space of a week or so he mastered sitting up, crawling, pulling up and cruising.

He started walking on his first birthday.

I can understand your concern - I was worried about too and I think I got the same Google results! - but hopefully he will get there soon.

Terramirabilis Thu 04-Jul-19 07:52:38

That's encouraging. Everything else seems normal but I can't help worrying about something being wrong.

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