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Help please with ds (4.7) whos behaviour is dreadful!!!!!!!!

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Jazzicatz Fri 27-Jul-07 09:59:04

Ds will not do anything without a battle, he won't eat anything, he hurts and bullies his younger brother, he breaks and wrecks things all the time, and I am finding it hard to be with him as he just turns everything into a massive battle. I know this has been done loads of times, but what can I do? we are only one week into the holidays and I could kill him!!!!!!!!!

indiasmum Fri 27-Jul-07 10:14:10

cant offewr advice really only uttmost sympathy as my ds2 (4.6!) is exactly the same. have found wine and fags to be a great comfort as i rapidly lose the will to live

Kaz33 Fri 27-Jul-07 12:31:36

Oh can I join in - DS1(5) is in his little brothers face (4) all the time - he is always poking him and pulling him around. They are always talking and also constantly playing some silly game which involves one of them being a puppy.

I move between trying to ignore it and losing my temper and telling DS1 off. Not the way to go and I know DS1 feels threatened as DS2 can now run faster than him.

Better off my chest now

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