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6 year old & her 'hairy bum'

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RuLu Wed 26-Jun-19 21:37:14

My 6 year old has pubic hair! Not loads....6 or 8 maybe? She asked me why she has a hairy (front) bum!

I've spoken to some other parents, some with girls a couple of years older who don't yet have pubic hair. Should I be concerned for any reason?

Someone mentioned early puberty to me & taking her to the doctors but I don't want her to think there is anything wrong & worry!

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yoursworried Thu 27-Jun-19 06:42:07

It can just be a normal variation, but as it's not very common in such a young child I would have it looked it; it would be useful to rule out precocious puberty.

RuLu Thu 27-Jun-19 13:48:39

Thank you smile

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