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Night time Nappies at 4 - School Request

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CHML1976 Wed 26-Jun-19 17:10:59

So I’ve just received and read a leaflet about ‘toilet training’ for my DD4 who is due to start school in September.. it says “Please try and get them out of them (night nappies) before they start school in September”... it goes on to say that children that wear nappies at night often have less control than children that don’t ... I find this very strange as to my understanding it is a natural thing and not once in this leaflet do they suggest ways of getting them out of a nighttime nappy. Well I could get my DD out of her nappy but she’ll just wet the bed! I have no intention in rushing her and I feel the request slightly odd.. please try... try what!! If only it was that easy.

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dementedpixie Wed 26-Jun-19 17:36:43

Bizarre! Some children aren't out of night nappies until the age of 7/8, sometimes older. You can't train for night time dryness the same way as for during the day

blatantchanger Sat 29-Jun-19 07:13:47

It probably means that if you child knows they can go in a nappy at night they have less bladder control and a smaller capacity.

My DS wears a nappy at night still, but it's only wet once every few weeks. So I know that he isn't consciously using it, it's just in his sleep. So I suppose it depends on your DD. Does she ever wake up needing the toilet in the night or urgently first thing?

I still use nappies because I'm lazy , but I haven't tried without as it could be a few wet beds and it's increased the awareness / need to wake.

mjas Sat 29-Jun-19 12:29:45

That's just wrong. You can look at ERIC charity website for more information, but in general it is considered to be completely normal not to be dry at night until the age of 6-7. The range is big, some kids are dry at 2 (like my younger one), some at 6 (my older one), but for the vast majority of children it just clicks in when the brain start making the certain hormone that keeps them dry overnight. The school won't care whether your child sleeps in nappy or not!

JeanieJardine55 Tue 02-Jul-19 17:02:07

What rubbish! Ds3 wore pull-ups at night until just before his 7th birthday and they were wet every night until suddenly they weren’t. He never, at any time, had an accident at school, nursery or home once he was daytime trained.

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